Puppy Stolen On Treasure Island


SAN FRANCISCO—On Sunday, July 13, a 10-week old puppy was stolen from an owner’s vehicle while he was inside. A group of volunteer dog rescuers met up at a their usual location on Treasure Island where they transport dogs, and one of the dogs was stolen.

In a phone interview with the President of the Board of Beyond Rescue Dog Rescue, Corina Beczner stated:

“Jay was abducted, he was stolen out of one of our volunteers cars yesterday. We are a dog rescue that transports dogs from Central Valley, from Northern California. They are coming from places where they are being rescued from situations where they aren’t good for them, from cases where they’re being neglected and jay was a neglect case.. we walked around and had them pee and we had Jay stay in the car being a puppy without all of his shots and we came back (momentarily) not gone very long and the car was broken into so they stole a puppy.”

Jay is a 10 pound, white terrier mix, puppy, who was lethargic and needed to be checked out by veterinarians.

“That was something we were concerned about and its important to have puppies to have them tested for Parvovirus and it’s a virus that is extremely damaging neurologically to the animal and all of our puppies are tested for it when we get them. They see our vets and we get them vaccines right away,” said Beczner.

In a phone conversation with one of the founders of Beyond Rescue Dog Rescue, Jodi Morimoto stated:

“He’s not up-to-date on shots and he’s a 10-week old puppy. These dogs can be at risk for parvovirus if on the ground before fully vaccinated with three sets of shots. Jay has only had 1 set that he received from us yesterday.”

Canine Parvovirus is a contagious virus that mainly affects dogs. According to ProVetLogic, CPV is highly contagious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their fences.

Morimoto has been walking dogs for 20 years including her own personal dogs and foster care dogs and a matter like this has never occurred.

“I am really concerned about the well being of Jay since he’s so young and he’s probably not in a safe environment,” Morimoto added.

“The police came right away, lucky for us the police were in the area, they did a sweep around where we parked and unfortunately, it happened right after they did swept that are. They came right away and we filed a report and everyone is keeping an eye out for Jay and there’s a restaurant there where the employees are aware of Jay and will keep an eye out for him,” said Beczner.

Beyond Rescue Dog Rescue has put hundreds of flyers around Treasure Island and blanketed social media in efforts to  help to find Jay. They are offering a $1,000 reward to anybody who safely returns the puppy to them.