UNITED STATES—Emotions. It is the one thing all humans have. Some days we are happy, other days we are sad, some days were are in sorrow and then you have those days where you are angry and in a rage people. Our emotions can be a rollercoaster some days we can control them more than others, but the key is you have to be able to catch yourself when you feel that you might be spiraling a bit people.

What does that precisely mean? Sometimes we react without thinking about how we’re reacting. You don’t realize you’ve allowed your emotions to get the best of you until your emotions have already catapulted. So how can you change that? Well it is simple, but not always as easy. Take a moment and catch yourself before you unleash.

A lot of the time we react immediately without taking a moment to think about how we might react. If we did so we would understand we can change the trajectory of our behavior people. I don’t like to be called a liar, especially when I know I’m telling the truth. It feels like it is an attack on my character and I have to defend myself at all costs, but in doing so I can be consumed with rage when I should NOT be. There could have been a slight angle of miscommunication or details not being clearly laid out leading to that misunderstanding, so guess what: change it people.

Before you erupt, take a few deep breathes, think positive, think positive, think positive and reflect on navigating a solution that is amicable on all parts people. This is not me saying you need to keep your emotions bottled up. That is absolutely the worst thing you can do. Why? When you bottle up your emotions it leads to a situation where that buildup ultimately explodes which is worst case scenario. Everything that you have been holding in just comes spewing out and you may say some things you don’t want to say and that you cannot take back people and once the slip of the tongue occurs you cannot change that; it’s out in the open.

This is not the same as meditation or yoga people that is a completely different tactic, I’m referring to something you can internally do to maintain and keep control at all costs America. We are indeed in control of our emotions, but we sometimes allow the situations we are placed in to get the best of us. That is another thing to consider: the situation. Do you have a large audience? Do you have a small audience, how are they going to react to your behavior? Is this the audience you want to show you’re a** to? The questions can continue to linger people.

So if you need an outlet for your emotions, scream, but do it in a safe place where you don’t trigger alarm to others. Punch a pillow, shed a few tears, but allow your emotions to run free in a cathartic way that you feel you have achieved something. A good cry is sometimes all you need to feel better. Not a lot of people realize that, they think by crying you’re doing the complete opposite compared to what it is you should be doing. Crying is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of strength as it shows an emotion not many Americans like to showcase, particularly men.

Men yell, but men cry as well and it would suit the world better if we all cried a bit more instead of doing everything else. Remember feeling emotions are a good thing it shows a sign that the mind is responding to the stimuli out there, but remember you are in control in the long run. Don’t do or react in a way that you will regret later on.