HOLLYWOOD—Last week was a big episode of “The Walking Dead” as the audience discovered the kids were being held at Alexandria by Pamela Milton and the Commonwealth. This week’s episode, ‘Faith’ witnessed Negan, Kelly and Ezekiel, Princess, Magna and the others prepared to make a move to change their position. Things got out of hand when Negan did his best to defend his wife and was assaulted as a result.

We have three different storylines taking place at once; the camp, Daryl and Carol ready to strike, then Aaron, Lydia, Jerry and Elijah still grappling with the fact that walkers can now climb or in other words: evolve. Eugene’s trial started inside the Commonwealth as Pamela used the tears to sway the jury. Eugene was not pleased, and neither was Yumiko who was well aware that this case might be harder to prove than she expected.

Yumiko garnered some leeway addressing issues about the lottery and its purpose inside the Commonwealth. Negan proved that he was not willing to whatever was thrown at him at the camp and Ezekiel found himself in a situation where he realized he was in over his head. That was indeed a moment seeing Negan get the opportunity to spend a bit of time with his wife after that debacle. Carol, Maggie and Daryl managed to infiltrate Alexandria, as they started their mission to rescue the kids and the others.

Yumiko warned Eugene and Max that is quite likely his case was a long shot and that the residents of the Commonwealth cannot change the outcome no matter how hard they try. Yumiko begged Mercer to testify on behalf of Eugene and Max and standup for the truth, but he was against it. Yeah, his loyalty to the Commonwealth is unfounded and that is something I want answers to.

Maggie and Carol were forced to hide in a closet to prevent being detected by the other soldiers of the Commonwealth while inside Alexandria. Maggie was battling some serious demons, and thankfully Carol was there in her time of need. Connie reassured Daryl that it was ok to be scared about the mission they were taking on because of the lives at stake, and Eugene decided to speak on his behalf during his trial even though Yumiko was against it.

As Yumiko expected, the Commonwealth found Eugene guilty, Pamela was pleased, Max was heartbroken and the residents were not happy. Back at the camp, the soldiers ambushed Eugene, Kelly, Negan, Magna, Princess and the others as the hunt to expose a traitor came to light. Negan was exposed, and per usual the Commonwealth wanted to ensure the others were aware what happens when you go against the rules, however, things were twisted, as Negan’s pregnant wife was about to become a casualty for his duplicity. Negan begged for his wife’s safety, with the guns drawn. However, Ezekiel, Kelly, Princess, Magna and others soon followed suit to prove a point.

As death was imminent, one of the soldiers turned, before Kelly was held hostage and Daryl and Connie diffused the situation. That was soon followed by Maggie and Carol rescuing Herschel, but Rosita was still searching for her daughter who was MIA. Wow, the horde of walkers in the midst of Lydia, Jerry, Elijah and Aaron as soldiers from the Commonwealth scoped them out was screaming chaos.

Negan was ready to bash the head of his assailant, but Rosita begged him to stop as she wanted Intel on her daughter’s whereabouts, but she got nothing. The loyalty to the Commonwealth is beyond crazy. Why? With death staring him in the eyes, the leader of this internment camp refused to give Rosita what she wanted, and as a result he suffered a vicious death at the hands of a walker people.

Ok, what the hell is happening people, because Eugene had a tense interaction with Mercer who was either issuing a threat to Eugene or about to do something that could ignite an even bigger war inside the Commonwealth than ever imagined. Two episodes left people, just two episodes left before an epic conclusion to a series that has wowed viewers for year’s people. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!