SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco’s board of supervisors voted to pass a resolution to decriminalize psychedelic substances on Tuesday, September 6. It was sponsored by Supervisors Dean Preston and Hillary Ronen. 

The resolution they proposed is urging City law enforcement agencies to view the investigation and arrest of individuals involved with the adult use of entheogenic plants on the Federal Schedule 1 List be amongst the lowest priority for the City and County of San Francisco, and is urging the State of California and the United States Federal government to decriminalize entheogenic plant practices and their uses.

The supervisors also wrote that the use can be of benefit for those with certain afflictions like, “substance abuse, addiction, recidivism, trauma, post-traumatic stress symptoms, chronic depression, severe anxiety, end-of-life anxiety, grief, diabetes, cluster headaches, and more.” 

Decriminalize Mushrooms wrote on their Twitter page that, “we are so thrilled to announce that our resolution to decriminalize plants medicines and psilocybin mushrooms passed in San Francisco. May compassion and love prevail here and everywhere!”

Denver was the first city to decriminalize psychedelics back in 2019. Other cities to follow suit have been Oakland, Santa Cruz, Detroit, and Seattle. Oregon legalized the use of magic mushrooms for medical purposes in 2020, and is on track to implement the change in 2023.