SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco has given local restaurants the option to reopen for outdoor dining starting Friday, June 12, but unforeseen factors have been impacting the efficiency or ability for restaurants to reopen.

Restaurants across San Francisco have been set to reopen due to the Shared Spaces Program, but now are faced with logistical problems. Environmental factors such as wind, drizzles and cold weather have hindered the ability for outside dining. Other factors such as street litter, the homelessness crisis, noise and exhaust from cars driving past has created a cleanliness issue, and has driven customers away for outdoor dining. San Francisco is expected to allow indoor dining next month, but in the meantime restaurants can only provide either delivery and takeout services or open-air dining.

In addition to weather and outside factors, the city of San Francisco has required that all restaurants use a reservation system, mostly to make it easier for contact tracing. Restaurants are expected to place time constraints on tables, which means diners are asked to leave after 90 minutes in order for restaurants to maximize their usage of tables. If restaurants wish to close the streets for open-air dining, there are  additional expenses which includes about $1200 per day to block off the street, and more to rent tables, chairs and portable toilets.

Despite these hurdles, customers are still allowed to visit local restaurants for sit-down services.