HOLLYWOOD—When one couple fizzles it just opens the doors for another couple to bloom, especially on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” By now, everyone is well aware that Steffy and Liam are back together, leaving Hope Logan out in the cold. Yes, those who were fans of Steffy and Liam’s love tale (I’m not one of them), are upset about the demise of a couple a longtime in the making. However, I wouldn’t county Hope and Liam out, something tells me an unexpected twist is about to rattle Liam’s life in more ways than he never expected.

However, let’s chat a bit about the budding romance between Emma and Maya’s cousin, Xander. Yes, young love is always so sweet, but I’m not certain where the writers are actually headed with this story. Why? We know that Emma and Justin, yes, Bill’s right-hand man and confidant, are related. At the same time, there is no reason for the audience to suspect that Emma is up to no good at Forrester Creations. She just happens to be an intern looking to climb the corporate ladder in the fashion arena. I mean if she can impress Hope that is always a good sign.

Maya, who has nothing better to do per usual, I mean her hubby Rick Forrester aka Jacob Young has been knocked down to recurring status on the soap, so it’s only a matter of time before she could be headed out the door. Luckily for Emma, she has made a friend in Xander who immediately came to her defense when Maya tossed out accusations. With Thorne by her side, Maya seemed certain she was looking at a spy, but Maya find a better hobby please. You accusing a teen of corporate espionage is just plain silly and stupid, and when was the last time you became such a titan at the company that you can choose who is hired and fired?

Speaking of Thorne, now that Wyatt and Katie have called it kaput, he has made his move on Katie, who is beyond smitten with him now.  I always thought Thorne was a better fit for Katie than Wyatt, so it’s great that the writers have taken note of what the audience wants and is actually giving it to them. The question that remains is rather Thorne will become the new enemy for Bill Spencer. We’ve seen Ridge and Bill go to war, but wouldn’t it be fun to see Thorne and Bill at war? Yeah, because I have no idea what those dynamics will be like America. The Thorne we used to know no longer exist; we now have a Thorne with a backbone and a bit of an edge: he goes after what he wants. We have to chat about the new romance that has bloomed on the soap: Wyatt and Sally!

Yeah, this one is so out of left field. I mean when Sally first swooped into town she was paired with Thomas, and they had great chemistry. Then that relationship fractured, and Thomas got back together with Caroline, only to later dump her. Not to mention she had a very short fling with Liam, and now she is suddenly hooking up with Wyatt in a drunken state of mind. I mean forget that she fired a gun at a picture of Bill Spencer. Yes, Bill has destroyed plenty of lives in the past year, and Sally really was put through the ringer by this guy unfortunately. A discussion with Wyatt and Sally about their terrible lives led to a bit of drinking, kissing and you know what happens next America.

I really hate the notion that “The Bold and the Beautiful” seems to recycle relationships with many of its characters. I mean Wyatt and Liam have shared the same woman more times than I can count. We can now add Sally Spectra to that list. Let’s return our conversation back to Steffy and Liam, because the great Bill Spencer is NOT about to go down without a fight. Is “The Bold and the Beautiful” seriously going down this route yet again? I mean Steffy and Liam just got married less than a year ago, and after annulling the marriage, they want to turn around and get married once again. Did Steffy forget that Bill still has a trump card to play and he’s about to cash in on it to get what he wants: Steffy!

Yeah, I’m not certain why Steffy thought in her right mind Bill would keep the secret about Taylor nearly killing him. The man is smart; he is cunning and devious to the core. He has no limits when it comes to getting what he wants. You cross him and you pay one hell of a price. Weddings never go well on “B&B” and I don’t see this one going off without a major glitch, I think we have a bombshell secret being divulged, not to mention an arrest. Dare I even say this, I’m happy to see Bill actually make such a movie its stirring things up and I’m intrigued to see where things are headed on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”