SAN FRANCISCO—The Muni service in the Moscone Center area may be delayed and streets are closed for a Salesforce conference from September 14 thru September 26. The South of Market region will be impacted.

MUNI routes that will be impact include the following: 8 Bayshore 8AX Bayshore A Express (Suspended) 8BX Bayshore B Express (Suspended) 9 San Bruno 10 Townsend (Suspended) 12 Folsom/Pacific 14 Mission 14R Mission Rapid 14X Mission Express (Suspended) 21 Hayes (Suspended) 30 Stockton 41 Union (Suspended) 45 Union/Stockton 81X Caltrain Express (Suspended).

Street Closure Information:

-Howard Street: between 3rd & 4th streets

-3rd Street:  Western Traffic Lane between Howard and Folsom

-4th Street:  Easterly lane between Howard and Moscone loading dock entrance

-4th Street:  West curb lane between Minna and Howard

-Howard Street:  Two northern lanes between 4th and 5th