HOLLYWOOD—Just when things get good they suddenly become bad on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean now that the Finn is alive, Sheila is supposedly dead (we’ll talk more about that later), and Steffy is on cloud nine, the drama has subsided drastically. I mean Steffy should be more focused on her marriage with Finn, but once again this woman is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong in the ongoing love triangle between Ridge, Taylor and Brooke.

For those living under a rock, Ridge had this sudden urge of passion erupt while in Monte Carlo and kissed Taylor, which Steffy spotted. So she assumed that her parents are looking to rekindle that romance yet again. This was the same thing that happened months ago, that Steffy stayed mum on in regards to knowing that Sheila swapped that champagne leading to Brooke getting drunk and kissing Deacon. I just forgot that Taylor and Ridge have NOT spilled the details that Thomas knew about Sheila’s manipulation and stayed mum for weeks about it. He feared his parents might split.

Thomas Forrester is indeed a character who never faces consequences for his bad deeds. I mean utilizing your son to try to get a woman who was mourning the loss of her daughter. He then stalked her for weeks to the point that he had an obsession with a mannequin causing more chaos to spiral before it was finally discovered that he suffered a brain tumor. That is not an excuse for bad behavior people. Not to mention he confessed to Ridge that he was responsible for that crash that left Emma dead. Hmm, Thomas got away with murder and now he is seeking full custody of his son Douglas.

Hope was indeed taken aback when Thomas made that declaration. As a parent, I guess you can understand his reasoning for wanting to be reunited with your son, but are you actually a changed man? Are you no longer dangerous to your son? Those are questions as a viewer I absolutely cannot answer with a definitive YES or NO. Thomas just always seems to have an ulterior motive that slowly, but surely makes its way to the surface in due time.

So we’re about to see ANOTHER custody battle between the Forrester and Logan clan as Thomas fights for his son to be back at home with him. Hope has been raising the kid for quite some time, and he has become a part of the family, so to sever that tie is not going to be easy, but expect the rivalry between Steffy and Hope to ignite yet again, and Liam will get caught in the middle, Brooke will become intertwined and we will see Ridge and Taylor throw their hats in the ring as well.

I’m sorry, but I have to say this, I CANNOT stand Steffy Forrester. The character is overly preachy and thinks she’s done no wrong. This is the same woman who schemed so many times to get a man whose heart she never had. Not to mention she slept with this man’s father, yes, his father and she kept all sorts of secrets thinking she was doing so for the greater good. Saint, Steffy Forrester is not America, when it comes to Brooke Logan, she’ more like her mother-in-law than she knows.

Let’s talk about something that is so silly and stupid, it tells you the writing is bad. Sheila has apparently been ‘killed’ by a bear and there is evidence of a toenail or something that was identified by authorities as belonging to the psychopath. Really? Really, these characters actually believe Sheila was mauled to death by a bear, but we have no body and her reign of terror is over? No, she’s not dead people and we all know Sheila is still out there plotting her next move that will likely lead to her final hoorah. At least the writers are playing with the idea of a Bill and Li romance, I mean the character just hasn’t had much to do for months and is in desperate need of a storyline people and I’m happy to see it.

However, I’ve noticed something with the “B&B:” when a major storyline ends the writing just gets stale and terrible. Figure something out, because this Logan/Forrester war again is just plain boredom. You’d think Steffy after a near death experience will dial down her sanctimonious attitude, but nope, and I’m over it.