SAN FRANCISCO— As we are approaching the start of the 2020 season, The San Francisco 49ers have been dubbed the second of the most complete teams by the NFL.

The 49ers 2019 record left them in first place of the National Football Conference for the Western Division with a record of 13 to 3.

In first place, from the American Football Conference for the Northern Division the Baltimore Ravens set the bar high in 2019, with a record of 14 to 2, with a 12 game win streak in the books.

The 49ers have one of the best defensive lines, despite a few injuries sustained to team. Nick Bosa was the second pick for the NFL Draft, he plays the edge on the defensive line and is the 2019 Defensive Rookie of the Year. Last season he sustained a sprained ankle and had to sit out for the preseason.

Javon Kinlaw is positioned as the defensive tackle for the 49ers, as the 14th draft pick for the NFL 2020 Draft, and has replaced former tackle DeForest Buckner. The rookie has time to grow into his spot on the team. According to Sports Illustrated, questions are being asked if Kinlaw will be the next Buckner, only time will tell during the 2020 season.

On the opposite side of the line, the 49ers offensive line has one of the best tight ends in the league. George Kittle finished the 2019 season with the highest overall grade of 95.0 ever handed out by Pro Football Focus for a tight end. Kittle is ending his rookie season soon and is expected to have an extension of his contract that is estimated to be worth $13 million.

Trent Williams as the offensive tackle has sustained his role on the team by being named the third best tackle in the league by ESPN rankings.