SAN FRANCISCO—As retails stores across San Francisco and the Bay Area re-open for business, thrift stores are beginning to open as well. Four Goodwill store locations in San Francisco and San Mateo county have officially reopened for business as of Wednesday,  June 17.

A steady stream of donations were dropped off at the Goodwill’s location in South San Francisco, ABC 7 News SF first reported. Inside the store, customers were allowed inside to shop and browse.

Goodwill and other thrift stores have been closed since March. Goodwill gets 80 percent of its revenue from the sale of donated goods from its stores, which was lost over the past two months. Goodwill expects its reopening will allow their sales to increase, as they estimate more people will be trying to economize more during the pandemic.

Protective measures are being implemented in Goodwill stores. Those measures include minimizing the maximum capacity, requiring face masks for attendants and customers, maintaining social distancing, sanitizing shopping carts and high-touch surfaces, and placing donated goods in a separate area for at least 72 hours to let any possible COVID-19 contamination to dissipate.

Other Goodwill store opening dates will be released in the upcoming weeks. To see the latest store hours and updates, visit the Goodwill’s website.