SAN FRANCISCO—The city of San Francisco reported a recent increase in the amount of burglaries across the city in past weeks. According to statistics released by the San Francisco Police Department, burglaries are up nearly 80 percent since the start of the pandemic. Authorities have indicated that most of the burglaries are being committed through garage doors, but other break-in and entry strategies have been documented. Bicycle thefts and car break-ins have also been reported.

The increase in burglaries is attributed to low tourism, as well opportunities for crime that the pandemic has created.

Despite the increase in burglaries, overall crime within San Francisco has trended downwards, with the SFPD reporting a double-digit decrease in rapes, assaults and larceny crimes between the months of March and June.

As a result of increasing crime, the SFPD released a new plan last month with new measures to protect residents, including maintaining a higher police presence on city streets, seizing more weapons off the streets, improving technology, and other methods.