SAN FRANCISCO—On Saturday, July 4, the Market Street Railway (MSR) announced that no date has been set for the return of streetcars and cable cars to the city of San Francisco via social media. MSR posted a newsletter on their website with details regarding streetcars and cable cars in the region.

MSR indicated that the streetcars continue making appearances for training and maintenance. Team crews are taking advantage of the lack of passengers to work on needed track improvements. They also noticed that the city is facing the challenge of getting people to ride public transportation amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

They have asked residents to help get the historic streetcars back on city streets through memberships, volunteers and one-time donations.

“We don’t get a nickel from Muni or any government source. It’s people like you, who love the idea of colorful vintage transit playing a vital part in San Francisco’s daily life, who enable us to do what we do,” reads a statement from the MSR website.

MSR also posted an online survey to collect thoughts on public transportation from San Francisco residents. There is a total of 15 questions in the survey.

“With our nonprofit’s resources stretched as never before, we want to be sure we use those resources as wisely as possible. Please help us by clicking here to fill out the survey; it’s very important to us.”

For more details on streetcars, visit the Market Street Railway website.