SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Department of Public Health announced on Wednesday, January 22, that a new color-coded food safety placarding system will begin in the city this spring. 

San Francisco’s 7,000 food facilities will soon be graded by the green-yellow-red health inspection system. 

“Not only can we better inform the public, we are also supporting small businesses by simplifying a system that promotes public safety, trust, and transparency,” said San Francisco Board of Supervisor Aaron Peskin in a statement. 

The colored place cards will inform customers how restaurants did during their most recent health inspection. Restaurants will not be the only food facility implementing the new system. Bakeries, caterers, food trucks and other facilities will also be subject to the new grading system.

A green card will indicate that the establishment passed their food safety inspection. A yellow card will indicate a conditional pass, meaning the food facility has two or more critical risk factors that must be fixed upon the following inspection. A red card will be visible at restaurants that did not pass the health inspection and have been temporarily closed. 

All cards will be located at eye level of either the door, window or entrance of the facility. 

Surrounding cities of San Francisco have already adapted to the new updated health code grading system. San Francisco eateries will enable the new system early spring 2020.