HOLLYWOOD—Last week Will saw his demise in gruesome fashion as Emma was the person who sealed his fate, courtesy of our elusive killer on “Scream: The TV Series.” How does someone recover from seeing their ex brutally killed? They don’t, but Emma is doing her best to cope with the circumstances. In the latest episode ‘Ghosts,’ Emma found herself being questioned by police about Will’s death, and spiraling in a deep depression, as she replayed the recording of her mother sleeping with Brandon James.

Noah decided to confess to Jake that he tagged his truck, unaware that his tormentor was not asleep as he thought. He broke the news to Brooke and Jake that Will is dead. Margaret did her best to comfort her daughter, but had no success. Piper decided to deliver evidence to Sheriff Clark that Mayor Maddox is up to some dirty deeds. Noah and Audrey were slightly on edge to see Emma back to school doing her best to cope with Will’s death, but seeing the memorial at his locker took her by surprise.

Mayor Maddox advocated his innocence, but wanted to disclose details to his daughter before spilling the beans. Brooke got the confirmation that she needed regarding her mother’s well-being. Emma began suffering hallucinations of Will, which was only a sign of more chaos to come. Emma demanded that Sheriff Clark and Margaret not attempt to go after the killer because their lives could be in danger. Kieran did his best to console Emma in her time of need. It almost seems like Will’s death could have worked in Kieran’s advantage.

Piper gave Emma a pep talk where it almost seemed like for the second time she was egging on the possibility that they could be more connected than she thinks. Maggie and Sheriff Clark had a conversation about Kevin, Emma’s father and his possible involvement in the murders.

While finishing up things at work, Emma heard that a familiar tune being played, suffering another hallucination of Will that left her in the hospital. While in her hospital bed, Emma received a visit from her father. It’s apparent this relationship is beyond strained. Emma decided to question her father about his taped confession involving her mother and Brandon James. Noah and Audrey continued to decipher possible motives for Mr. Branson being the killer. Quinn confessed to Brooke that the body he was moving was that of a John Doe who was using with her mother and he panicked to cover her tracks.

Ghostface is continuing his mayhem in the town of Lakewood.
Ghostface is continuing his mayhem in the town of Lakewood.

Emma continued to have haunting visions of the killer, but was awoken after recalling a moment from her childhood where her parents were arguing about a pregnancy. It wasn’t Emma, so who is this secret sibling that Emma has floating around, with the name “Anderson”? Ok, now this mystery has me completely hooked.

Noah and Audrey located the murder knife inside the vent in Mr. Branson’s classroom and his real name is Seth Palmer. Sheriff Clark seemed more concerned about why the students were looking into Mr. Branson, suspicious a bit? Mr. Branson had a secret meeting with Brooke in the auditorium where teacher and student got hot and heavy. Finally, Emma had a conversation with her mother about secrets. She revealed that she was pregnant and gave up her child for adoption, and has no idea if the child she gave birth to was a boy or girl. She revealed that her father cheated on her, which resulted in Maggie and Brandon James sleeping together.

Brooke found herself left all alone by Mr. Branson who decided to investigate a strange sound. She later found the spotlight placed on her as the killer attacked her, slicing her shoulder. She managed to escape, just as the authorities burst on the scene and arrested Mr. Branson who miraculously reappeared. Coincidence? Not quite, but it seems way too easy if you ask me.

The audience did discover a crucial clue, the killer is likely the offspring of Maggie and the brother and sister of Emma; I’m sorry Piper, but your sudden appearance in town seems a bit too convenient. Until next Tuesday “Scream” lovers!