HOLLYWOOD—I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of the hit MTV series “Scream.” Some weeks plenty of bodies dropped, while other weeks the audience got the opportunity to get much closer to the characters and the narrative. This week marked the end of the first season with the episode ‘Revelations’ as the audience discovered the face behind the mask. SPOILERS: IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FINALE, STOP READING NOW!

The person giving a rebirth to the Brandon James murders was none other than PIPER! Hmm, I called this quite some time ago when Piper had that very revealing conversation with Emma, and to be honest, there were plenty of clues pointing to her throughout the episode.

Yes, while not the biggest surprise, it was fun to watch. Let’s rewind a bit leading up to the big reveal. The episode opened with Emma learning that Seth Branson escaped, just as Maggie prompted her daughter to stay at the dance, just as Piper attempted to keep her calm. Emma made a call to Kieran who was seen loading a gun.

Noah became concerned when he couldn’t reach Brooke or Audrey, who were busy throwing an epic pool party. The suspense in this episode was seriously killing me, just as Emma received a call from the killer, who made plans for an epic bloodbath. The killer appeared on the big screen and looked to finish off Sheriff Hudson. Noah and Emma made a run for it, just as Maggie took pics from the bloody prison cell. Maggie examined the dead cop’s body and retrieved a bracelet that was made by Brandon James. Brooke paid Audrey a visit to chat and learned that it’s possible Kieran could be the killer, but the moment was interrupted by Jake.

Emma and Maggie found Sheriff Clark tied to a tree behind her childhood home, but when she cut the ropes, it led to his guts spilling out. Mother and daughter bonded over epic tragedies, just as Piper (suddenly) showed up to the scene of the crime. Brooke and Jake did their best to make each other jealous. Noah updated Emma that the killer has intentionally prevented them from contacting their friends. As they headed to the pool party, the killer noted that if cops showed up, a bloodbath would take place. In the wine cellar, Brooke was startled by Jake and she kicked him out of the house, just as his drunken date stumbled upon a body in the bathroom that led to all of the party guests fleeing the scene. Audrey was attacked by the killer and fade to black!

Brooke was slightly stunned to see everyone MIA. She heard strange sounds and ran back into the house. She locked the door just as Seth showed up outside her door. He acknowledged he was set-up, but Brooke is no dummy. She locked those doors so quick. Smart girl! He did his best to pull her heartstrings, but she wasn’t buying any of it. The lights cut-out on the patio only to flicker back on with the killer doing their best to get inside the house. Brooke hid inside a deep freezer as the killer emerged in the room. She was locked in the freezer, just as the killer utilized their knife to slice and dice at Brooke before plugging in the freezer.

Noah and Emma arrived on the scene, (where coincidence, Piper’s vehicle was bloody and her phone and glasses her covered in blood). As the duo approache,d the house, they heard strange sounds: it was Kieran with gun in hand. The trio had a tense conversation, where he revealed a text he received from Emma asking him to meet her, but Noah was not buying his tale, and when Emma revealed that he could be the son of Brandon James he was stunned and called Piper’s bluff on her admission. Emma revealed that Kieran’s father became a casualty of the killer. Emma, Noah and Kieran entered the home searching for everyone else, as Kieran thought it was best to split up. Why was Noah the one to venture outside alone?

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) was in for a shock when she came face-to-face with the killer.
Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) was in for a shock when she came face-to-face with the killer.

Jake startled Kieran and Emma, and was invited into the house as they ventured into the workshop and rescued Brooke. Noah, with crowbar in hand, continued to search for Audrey and was startled when he came face-to-face with her; I was certain she was a goner, but the killer left her with several knife wounds to her body. Okay, it’s way too many survivors for this to be a bloodbath. Emma received a call from the killer inside the home, who revealed that they wanted her mother as well and the lake was the perfect scene for a reunion.

Emma with knife in hand ran to the docks to rescue her mother, just as the killer showed up. The mask came off and it was none other than Piper. Yep, she is Emma’s sister! It left Emma dumbfounded. She unleashed plenty of anger on her mother for leaving her behind and making the world think her father was a psycho.

Piper admitted that she planned to frame Branson for her crimes. She edged even closer to her sister, where Emma was sliced across the stomach, just as Daisy untangled her ropes before tackling Piper, who stabbed her. Emma and Piper had a tussle, and Piper got the upper hand before being shot by Audrey and falling into the water. She reemerged, but Emma fired a bullet into her head, noting that classic line from the “Scream” series, “They always come back.”

Looks like the classic happy ending: Brooke and Jake, Kieran and Emma, Noah and Audrey bonded as survivors, but what about that surprise Piper alluded to? Audrey unlocked something from a box, where she contained a ton of letters from Piper and later burned them. So that means Piper’s partner in crime was none other than Audrey, now that is a twist I did not see coming! It makes sense, that’s why she shot Piper; she didn’t want her to reveal to Emma her involvement in the crimes.

I absolutely can’t wait to see what transpires in season 2, especially if all the characters we have come to love and adore return. Until 2016, “Scream” fanatics!