SAN FRANCISCO—A wreck involving an self driving car from Chevrolet Bolt transpired on February 16, but was just recently announced to the public. The incident occurred in San Francisco in the 1100 block of Golden Gate Avenue. It’s the latest in a series of related accidents involving self driving vehicles.

San Francisco News spoke to an anonymous source from the Department of California Motor Vehicles who indicated that by state law accident reports that must be filed when self-driving cars crash.

The SF Gate reported that the Bold slowed down for a blinking yellow light at a crosswalk near Buchannan Street before 9 a.m. A Subaru behind a Toyota Highlander failed to stop striking the back of the Toyota which struck the Bolt vehicle.

Previous reports indicate one of Uber’s automatic vehicle ran a red light while being tested on the streets. There were no reports of any injuries during the collision on February 16.