SAN FRANCISCO—The SF IndieFest has announced they will present the 2020 San Francisco Independent Short Film Festival online from October 9 through October 18.

The SF IndieFest official website states that more than 150 short films from across the globe have been featured in the festival. Audiences can purchase an all-access pass or a single film from the list and watch whenever during the event. Viewers will have 24 hours to finish the movie once it begins. 

The film festival includes various genres from different cities and countries including the art genre; Asanasa from Canada; the Bay Area story and storyteller genre; “Candyman” from the United States; LGBTQ genre; “Kiko’s Saints” from France and international genre and “DA YIE” from Ghana. The event will provide interviews and behind-the-scene discussions with participants that will be available on the SF IndieFest YouTube channel.  

The SF IndieFest has been operational, as a non-profit organization since 1998 by Jeff Ross. It started when Ross realized there was no avenue available to present his friend, Rand Alexander’s film “CAGED” after it played an essential role in the Slamdance Film Festival of 1998. Ross began holding a four-day event with his own fund.

Since then, the organization has brought audiences and filmmakers, ranging from 3,000 to more than 21,000 last year, to attend the SF IndieFest. For more information, visit the SF IndieFest