SAN FRANCISCO—The city of San Francisco issued stricter rules for mask use while dining, that requires masks be worn for most of the meal, while customers are not actively eating or drinking. The new rule will be enforced and will go into effect starting on Wednesday, July 1.

The new mask law is part of a revised plan to slow down increasing cases of the coronavirus. A document from the Health Officer of the City and County of San Francisco states that customers “must wear face coverings any time they are not eating or drinking, including but not limited to: while they are waiting to be seated; while reviewing the menu and ordering; while socializing at a table waiting for their food and drinks to be served or after courses or the meal is complete; and any time they leave the table… Customers must also wear face coverings any time servers, busers or other Personnel approach their table.”

Enforcement of these new rules will depend on restaurants. Restaurants caught failing to enforce these rules could potentially face consequences such as “suspension or revocation” of their allowance to operate outdoor dining. In addition, the document also prohibits “Members of the public congregating outside of an Outdoor Dining Establishment-particularly without following Social Distancing Requirements or wearing face coverings.”

Restaurants are expected to break up these types of congregations if they happen to occur. Failure to do so could also risk the possibility of suspension or revocation of outdoor dining ability.