SAN FRANCISCO—A man is recovering after falling between 50-60 feet from Fort Funston onto the beach on Saturday, May 19. Officials from the San Francisco Fire Department responded to the call shortly after 3 p.m. when they were notified that a man had fallen.

Though there are not many details about the man involved in the ordeal, there was cellphone video of the fall that showed a man wearing a grey sweater, CBS San Francisco reported.

Firefighters found the man on the beach resting adjacent to the cliff. Though the emergency responders were on the scene for over two hours, they relayed word that the scene was under control. No rope rescue was needed for the operation.

Firefighters took to social media to update the public on the status of the situation. One of a series of tweets notified followers that animal control was on the scene to handle the large protective dog that was resting beside the victim.

In their final tweet regarding the incident, firefighters stated:

“Situation contained. All crews and victim safe, transported to trauma center with moderate injuries. His dog is in the care of Animal Control, also safe.”

The name of the victim has not yet been disclosed to the public.