SAN FRANCISCO—The Rotary Club of San Francisco is handing out free reusable cloth face masks to vulnerable communities and homeless populations in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The club has nicknamed the operation “The Million Mask Challenge”, with the goal being to deliver one million masks to people who are in need during the pandemic. Many homeless populations in San Francisco do not have access to protective gear such as masks, and therefore they are an at-risk group. The Million Mask Challenge is meant to further protect vulnerable populations from contracting and spreading the virus.

An update on the Rotary Club’s Facebook page read “Rotary clubs can acquire thousands of washable face coverings for under $2 each and give away for free to the homeless, marginalized and less fortunate in their communities”.

The Rotary Club says they hope this measure will help prevent the spread within the homeless communities, as well as help to protect others if they need to enter into an essential business, since customers won’t be allowed in certain businesses without a face covering.

The Rotary Club of San Francisco will be handing out free face masks in locations across San Francisco, such as in Chinatown, at the Samaritan House in Foster City, and at various food pantries across the city.

“Some of those are being distributed to Salvation Army encampments with homeless individuals, as well as other food pantries in San Francisco”. Explains District Governor Ron Gin, who is also a charter member of the Rotary Club of San Francisco.

Gin further stated “It gives us so much joy and fulfillment that we are doing our part to prevent Covid-19 spread”.