SAN FRANCISCO—On May 24, at approximately 12:20 p.m. officers from the San Franciscp Police Department Bayview Police Station and investigators from Central Police Station searched the 1100 block of Silva Lane in the city of Alameda and arrested Pablo Garcia, 35, for the North Beach Stabbing earlier that month.

On May 3, at around 10:45 a.m. officers answered a call reporting a potential stabbing at Columbus Avenue and Mason Street. Upon arriving at the scene, they observed the victim, a 59 year-old-man who was stabbed in the back and faced life-threatening injuries. Officers transported him to the hospital where he was treated and later released. The suspect fled the location before officers arrived.

The Central Station Investigations Team (SIT) began an investigation that led to the discovery of the suspect. They received a search warrant from the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Garcia was booked in Alameda County Jail and charged with attempted murder. Due to imminent identification matters, his booking photo is not being released at this time.