SAN FRANCISCO—In light of recent terrorist threats and attacks, San Francisco leaders and the Super Bowl annual committee have been working together to consider extra safety precautions. On Wednesday, November 18, Super Bowl 50 planners and city leaders announced plans to increase and reinforce security measures that will be taking place at Super Bowl City in San Francisco, as well as on game day at the Levi’s Stadium in the South Bay area.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr stated that the SFPD would take preventative action to be ready for any potential threats, as he stood with the San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Management, Fire Department, and Municipal Transportation Agency.

Suhr stated that the public will “notice an ocean of police presence and then there will be a lot of things you won’t see that are added measures to security,” but he is encouraging the public to contact police immediately if they notice suspicious activity of any kind. “We are going to plan for everything and then hope none of it occurs,” stated Suhr.

According to officials, SFPD officers, firefighters, and paramedics held a tabletop exercise on Wednesday to run through staging logistics to predict what is capable of happening with one million attendees visiting the city for Super Bowl. According to police, there will be several other exercises in preparation of increasing security measures for the Super Bowl.

There had also been discussion of removing overhead MUNI bus wires on surrounding streets of Super Bowl City in an effort to increase safety of the area. San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority Director Ed Reiskin stated that the redesign would proceed without the removal of MUNI wires. The committee decided against it, due to the impact it would have on transit delays and prolonged street closures. Reiskin is encouraging all attendees to utilize public transportation to attend the games and lead-up events.

Super Bowl City is free and open to the public. Events are slated to start Saturday, January 30, and end on game day—Sunday, February 7. Super Bowl 50 planners will be creating an interactive theme park at the Moscone Center, and the city’s Justin Herman Plaza, on Embarcadero, will host “family-friendly activities for fans of all ages,” according to the event’s site. Super Bowl 50 will take place on February 7, at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.