SFPD Marine Unit Rescues Shark Attack Victim


SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, October 23 at around 11:34 a.m., the San Francisco Police Department’s Marine Unit responded to a call about a shark attack from the Farallon Islands via the United States Coast Guard. The diver indicated that he was filming a video when a 17-foot shark bit his right arm.  The call was received from the Farallon Islands and reported that a diver had been bitten by a shark and that a medivac was needed. The officer evaluated the wound and applied emergency first aid to address the diver’s injuries.

The Marine Unit went to the islands to assist the victim.  The U.S. Coast Guard rescued the diver using a helicopter medivac.  The victim was transported on a private vessel that was headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge. The victim was reported to be in stable condition. The SFPD helped navigate the medivac towards the private vessel. 

The victim was transferred via helicopter to the Stanford Medical Center for additional treatment.  

The San Francisco Police Department indicated that they are proud of the rapid response and assistance that was given to the diver during the incident.