SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department has provided an update involving the shooting at a UPS building on June 14 on Utah Street. According to the SFPD, officials and the city of San Francisco our mourning the lives of the victims and those injured during the shooting. Many Department members knew and interacted with the victims on a daily basis – one delivered packages to the Police Academy, and some members knew them as neighbors who spent time with their families and their children.

“We hope that in time there will be some measure of healing and closure for the families, friends, and UPS employees affected by this tragedy,” stated the SFPD.

On Friday, June 23, SFPD investigators provided an update of the investigation into this incident. The following key points were presented during a press conference by Chief William Scott, Commander of Investigations Greg McEachern, and Mission Station Captain Bill Griffin. The synopsis presented below is from multiple witness interviews, evidence recovered, and video footage that was reviewed:

On June 14 at approximately 8:50 a.m., a meeting and briefing of UPS employees was taking place inside the UPS building. During the briefing, numerous UPS employees including the suspect in the shooting, Jimmy Lam, Present at this briefing were numerous UPS employees including the suspect in the shooting, Jimmy Lam, as well as Benson Louie, Wayne Chan, Michael Lefiti, and two other employees who were injured during the shooting.

-As the meeting was taking place, Mr. Lam produced an assault-type pistol. Without warning or saying anything, Mr. Lam immediately shot Benson Louie. After shooting Mr. Louie, Mr. Lam then shot Wayne Chan. Two other surviving UPS workers were shot seconds later.

-After the shooting, UPS employees fled the building. Mr. Lam was observed calmly walking out of the building.

-Outside of the building, Mr. Lam walked up to Michael Lefiti who was now standing on the corner of 17th Street and San Bruno Avenue. Without speaking to him, Mr. Lam shot Mr. Lefiti multiple times. Mr. Lam then walked back into the UPS building.

-At approximately 8:56 AM, 911 dispatch received a call that there was a shooting at the UPS building on 17th Street and Utah Street with multiple victims shot. Numerous officers throughout the city responded.

-Information was obtained and broadcast that the shooter was inside the UPS building, wearing a UPS uniform. Dispatch broadcast that the suspect’s name was Jimmy Lam, but it was not yet confirmed. It was later determined the shooter was in fact, Mr. Jimmy Lam.

-Believing this was an active shooter incident, the first arriving uniformed officers immediately assembled a contact team with the intent to locate the active shooter.

-All officers were equipped with body worn cameras.

-As the officers began searching for the shooter, they encountered other UPS employees either hiding for their safety or attempting to flee the building. The officers directed some employees to shelter in place and directed others out of the building to safety.

-After approximately two minutes of searching the interior of the building, the officers located Mr. Lam. The officers observed Mr. Lam was armed with a firearm and had it pointed at his head.

-Officers instructed Mr. Lam to put the gun down in an attempt to take him into custody, but Mr. Lam shot himself.

-The officers quickly moved to Mr. Lam and located two individuals within close proximity. These individuals had both been shot and were later identified as Benson Louie and Wayne Chan.

-Evidence indicates the shooting of Mr. Louie, Mr. Chan, and Mr. Lefiti appear purposeful and targeted. Investigators are still determining if the surviving victims were targeted.

-Two firearms were recovered from the scene – an assault-type pistol and a semi-automatic pistol.

-The assault-type pistol had a thirty round magazine in place. Approximately 20 rounds had been used by Mr. Lam. Investigators believe all of the shots were fired from this weapon.

-Both firearms were reported as stolen. The assault-type pistol was stolen from Utah and the semi-automatic pistol stolen from Napa. At this time investigators do not have information on who stole these firearms.

-A backpack belonging to Mr. Lam was also recovered at the scene, containing one box of ammunition.

-Investigators have reviewed multiple videos from inside and outside the UPS building, along with officers’ body worn camera footage.

-Mr. Lam’s vehicle was located outside of UPS, and was towed and processed by Crime Scene Investigators.

A search warrant was conducted at Mr. Lam’s residence where multiple cellular phones, computers, and a journal were seized. All these items are being reviewed by investigators and computer forensic examiners.

At this time, investigators have not established a motive for the shooting. There are multiple witnesses to be re-interviewed and evidence to be evaluated before a motive can be established. The San Francisco Police Department Homicide Detail continues to investigate this incident.  Anyone with information is asked to call the SFPD Tip Line at (415) 575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD.