SAN FRANCISCO—Police officers from the San Francisco Police Department Richmond District helped to spearhead a campaign to raise money for school supplies for children, according to a press release from the SFPD.

Sergeant Matt Friedman stopped by a community center and learned that many children need help in obtaining school supplies for the upcoming school year. In July, a fundraiser for school supplies, after school sports and activities equipment was set up through an online fundraising effort on Go Fund Me.

“I realized that if kids are prepared for school on the very first day with appropriate school supplies and proper tools to help them learn, then school will not seem so hard and their chances for success will hopefully be that much easier,” said Friedman in a statement.

The fundraising effort had donors from as far New York and Philadelphia, and donors from as close as the Richmond District including Richmond Station police officers. All together the donations totaled more than $3,000.

“The School Supplies were donated to the kids at the Westside Courts Housing Project through the community Center at that location,” Friedman who personally brought the supplies to the children told San Francisco News. “Included in the school supplies were, calculators, paper, pencils, colored pencils, pens, markers, crayons, pencil sharpeners, folders, binders, pencil cases, books, glue sticks, water bottles and more.  Also donated was a brand new ping pong table for the Community Center, new paddles, ping pong balls, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, pumps, equipment bag.”