CHICAGO—On Wednesday, August 26, R. Kelly was attacked by an inmate at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Robert Sylvester Kelly, known as R. Kelly, 53, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, actor, and former basketball player. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. Kelly is also a three-time Grammy winner.

Kelly was arrested on alleged sex crime charges in July 2019. He was facing a total of 18 counts that includes child pornography. R. Kelly is currently in jail at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center. He is being held without bail.

Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s lawyer told ABC7 News that an inmate came into Kelly’s cell and attacked him. Greenberg indicated that he is expecting the judge to release R. Kelly due to consideration of Kelly’s safety.

“Regardless, it is time to release Mr. Kelly. The government cannot ensure his safety, and they cannot give him his day in court. We should not incarcerate people indefinitely because we cannot provide them with due process,” reads the statement via Greenberg’s Twitter.

Before then, a federal judge denied the request to releasing Kelly in April due to the ongoing global pandemic.

According to an article by TMZ, an inmate attacked Kelly because he was mad that the facilities in the jail went on lock down several times due to the Kelly protesters outside. A doctor indicated that Kelly is in an okay condition now, and that he did not sustain any serious injuries.