HOLLYWOOD─A small, blue, furry, fast hedgehog dominated the box-office for the second consecutive weekend. That’s right the big screen version of “Sonic the Hedgehog” mesmerized audiences to the tune of $26 million, an impressive haul, but it was nearly dethroned by another film opening during the weekend. “Sonic” has already crossed the $100 million mark at the domestic box-office in just 10 days.

Speaking of that movie that nearly claimed the top spot, it was “The Call of the Wild” starring Harrison Ford that earned a solid $24.8 million during its debut weekend. I did not expect the movie to be dead on arrival, but I also didn’t expect such a large debut either. Dropping to third place was “Birds of Prey” with around $6.7 million, and I’ll just say it now, don’t expect a sequel for this standalone film. It feels like it crashed and burned quickly at the box-office since its release on February 7.

“Bad Boys for Life” landed in fourth place with $5.9 million, followed by the sequel, “Brahms: The Boy II” which is in close competition with “Bad Boys” with a similar haul. Yes, those projections could indeed change when official numbers are released on Monday. This weekend sees the release of a movie that I cannot wait to see in “The Invisible Man” starring Elisabeth Moss. This looks solid and way better than that dreadful “Hollow Man” starring Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue. I think come next weekend we’ll be talking about a new box-office champ America.