PALO ALTO—Stanford University’s marching band has been suspended from all activities by the university’s leadership on Friday, December 9, according to reports.

The suspension came after multiple violations of school policies. The marching band was previously banned from away game performances for the 2015-2016 season after violating sexual harassment, illegal substance, and alcohol policies. The student led music group was reprimanded for disrespectful performances and hazing.

Upon investigation the university discovered the school band used school funds to rent a Lake Tahoe cabin, which violated a travel ban and alcohol policies.

According to a five-member panel at a Bay Area school, the Stanford marching band has shown a “pattern of disregard for university policy and administrative directives.”

“The outstanding issues have not been taken seriously by the band or its leadership and that nothing more will be accomplished without extreme consequences,” the panel stated.

The band is banned from all on and off-campus activities through spring 2017. The ban can be extended if  “more time is needed to produce the desired shift in culture and organizational change,” said Vice President of Student Affairs, Greg Boardman.

After the suspension is complete, a new music director will be in charge of the band, and a committee will take control, university officials stated.