HOLLYWOOD—To say I was stunned that Roman fell for his father, Logan’s latest play on last week’s episode of “Succession” is an understatement. This week’s episode, ‘Connor’s Wedding’ take a moment to breathe America because riveting TV doesn’t even describe it.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched the episode stop reading this column RIGHT NOW AS YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! After 33 episodes the great Logan Roy (Brian Cox) is dead! Yes, Logan Roy took his last moment in Sunday’s episode, with minimal dialogue people.

I will admit I was hoping this was some sort of plan Logan had in play to teach his children a lesson, but nope it really happened. So let’s rewind a bit to examine what unfolded. Logan had no qualms about missing his own Connor’s wedding so he could close the Mattson deal, as Roman did his best to try to convince his father it is in his best interest to attend. The stress of the wedding was getting to Connor, who after last week’s episode, I suspected the big day with Willa wouldn’t even transpire. The sarcasm in this episode is spot on people.

It was so obvious Roman was nervous about the secret that he was keeping involving Logan severing ties with Gerri, and she started to unravel and Roman being Roman curled up like a little baby. His father forced him to do the deed because he didn’t take the trip to close that important deal. If there is one thing you should know about Logan Roy, it is that he will make you pay for not being business savvy. Grady attempted to bond with Shiv, Kendall and Roman, but they wanted nothing to do with him, as they discussed the Mattson deal as well. Connor was under the impression that Logan would attend his wedding, but little does he know dear ole dad is not coming.

Tom delivered news to Roman and Kendall that Logan got very ill on the plane and that CPR was being performed. The kids went into panic mode. Kendall did his best to speak to his father to push him thru this crisis, but he was frazzled as hell in the conversation. Roman went to panic mode as well, as Kendall went hunting for his sister to break the news to her. Stellar acting from Jeremy Strong as you could see the tears and snot from his nose. When Shiv heard the news, it was apparent that her composure was cracking to pieces upon hearing the news. She burst into tears as Roman broke the news that Logan may be dead, and Shiv resorted back to her childhood self.

This is absolutely gut-wrenching to watch; what would you say to your loved one if you only had moments to speak to them before they die? It is a testament to the fact that even with plenty of backstabbing, turmoil and betrayal, none of that matters when the life of a family member is at risk. Logan’s heart and breathing has stopped, and it has been for a period of time; not looking good for our business mogul and I cannot fathom what I’m watching, but I cannot turn away people.

Jeez, I just thought about this: why haven’t the siblings broke this news to Connor? I know this is his big wedding day, but Logan is Connor’s father also. Once again, Strong is a VIP this episode, because getting that confirmation that Logan died was stellar acting people. Shiv and Kendall decided to finally clue Connor in on what was taking place with their father on his wedding day.

Connor was stoic about the news, saying some things that seemed to be brutal honesty. Connor couldn’t deal with the news as he crumbled to tears. Roman was holding onto hope that Logan could still be alive. The fact that Logan’s team is attempting to handle affairs with the notion that Logan is dead, even though he has not officially been announced says a lot people, as Carrie was stunned by the turn of events. Tom broke news to Greg about Logan trying to make himself appear as a martyr which was just distasteful.

Kendall received a call from Tom alerting that CPR was stopped on Logan and the kids were clued in on a statement being drafted without their permission. I’m on the kids side here, this move is pretty ick! Ok, I need an answer: is Logan dead or is he alive? This not knowing is so nerve-wrecking. The wedding that was to be the focus was not happening. Connor did get the reassurance that his bride to be had no plans of walking and I think he needed that, and they later walked down the aisle with minimal guests at best.

Really? How did this news leak to the press already? Someone on the plane had to spill the tea. The kids choose to draft the statement about their father’s impending death. This is some sensational TV right now people, it doesn’t get any better than this. Why? The kids are grappling with regret and tragedy at the same time, while also dealing with uncertainty. The plane lands, Kendall, Shiv and Roman are tasked with coming face-to-face with their father’s body as he was removed from the plane. Witnessing that moment between Tom and Shiv as they hugged proved it’s possible for reconciliation.

Shiv thru tears decided she needed to be the first to speak up during that impromptu press conference, as Roman went to the plane to see his father’s body.  Logan Roy is indeed dead. I did not expect this bomb on episode three of the final season. What am I feeling right now? I wish I could tell you in words, I’m simply broken, as the audience witnessed with Kendall in tears after his father’s body was placed in the ambulance. I’m still hoping this is some sort of dream, but I do not think it is. Hands down the best hour of television I have watched in decades. “Succession” you may have easily bagged the Primetime Emmy for Drama Series, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Writing and Directing. Just give the series all the awards right now.

The rest of this season looks like a battle royal as the siblings unite to ensure they protect their father’s legacy. Next Sunday will be a must watch “Succession” lovers!