HOLLYWOOD—Well it was the penultimate episode of “Survivor 41” before the big season finale next week, meaning the audience was going to be treated to an epic episode or as noted in seasons past a bummer of an episode. “Truth Kamikaze” seemed to place the focal point on DeShawn and the struggle he was having in the game in regards to his relationship with Shan and race.

I wanted to care, but as a Black man I did not because I think DeShawn was pushing a narrative of wanting the others to emphasize with him and the audience to root for him, but I couldn’t. For me, DeShawn is not a root-able character. Heather? Nope, Xander? Nope. Danny? Nope. Ricard and Erika, those are the only two characters at this point I’m actually rooting for to make it to the end and actually win. I did notice the producers pushing the focus on having a female winner, which we have NOT had since Sarah Lacina from “Survivor: Game Changers” that was season 34 people. Let that marinate for a second ok.

We get a reward challenge, where the victors have a choice, chicken and veggies or sweets. DeShawn was hoping to hear from a loved one, but not this time around people. DeShawn, Xander and Erika won the reward and decided to go for chicken and veggies.

Danny went hunting for an idol, but rather he discovered it or not, the audience doesn’t know, but we got a hint. I do like that the editors are playing with the notion that maybe, just maybe we won’t always know the outcome of things. This worried Ricard who ‘sensed’ Danny had the idol, but was not certain. DeShawn placed a bug into Erika’s ear that she might need to take out Heather to ensure her game stands out from her allies.

This immunity challenge was about balance, balance and a puzzle, a seven word phrase people. It was a battle between DeShawn and Ricard and as expected Ricard managed to earn Individual Immunity when he needed it most, his third victory. Of course, Ricard is going to pitch Danny since he thinks he has an idol, and Heather has been on people’s tongues, but what about Xander people?

So much for Ricard going home this week people! Now the scrambling begins. Danny had it right; it was either him or DeShawn who could be exiting the game. We got a flashback that revealed that Danny did NOT find the idol, but he made it clear that he wasn’t willing to spill the truth. Ricard decided to search Danny’s bag, but didn’t find anything. Heather pushed for DeShawn to stay over Danny and she made a valid point. Oh, this is so obvious that Danny is about to be the next person voted out. Ricard is worried about DeShawn, but it is too obvious of a result, and unless some crazy surprise comes, this might be the most predictable vote ever people.

DeShawn just spilled the tea at the start of Tribal Council that it was either him or Danny. At the same time it is crazy for these people to think they can defeat Ricard if they get to the end. The jury did not seem too impressed with any of the players remaining in the game. So DeShawn wanted to spice the game up a bit people, so I enjoyed the tactic that he utilized throwing Erika under the bus and noting that Heather is NOT going to make it to the end people with Erika.

Ok, this is intriguing people so it tells us that friction is there between DeShawn and Erika, and why isn’t Xander a target and we’re at the final six? Flush his freaking idol people. So we have a tie!? DeShawn and Danny and we know its Danny who is about to be booted people. Why would these people vote out Danny over DeShawn, especially Erika? It does not feel like the jury likes any of the players remaining people.

Another twist, the remaining players are being taking to another island and will have to start over again with minimal supplies, which means Xander has to be one of the finalists, rather it’s a final three or final two with a 3-hour final makes me think, we’re could see a final two? Next week a winner is crowned, I’m rooting for Ricard, but knowing how this season has played out the winner could be Heather and that would be absolutely dreadful for the “Survivor” universe people. See ya next Wednesday people!