HOLLYWOOD—Once again it has become apparent in the latest episode of “Survivor 41” that DeShawn is a big baby. The friction between Shan and DeShawn is so massive, it is apparent that he is going to be the major fraction in that alliance of Danny, Liana and Shan. This dude is so annoying people I really cannot stand him, he’s a crybaby on top of a crybaby. Evvie pinpointed the chaos and shared her Intel with Erika, as Heather tried to recoup for the mayhem that erupted.

This episode, ‘Who’s Who in the Zoo’ did see DeShawn and Shan attempt to smooth things over, but it was apparent that Shan has Erika in her crosshairs, but there is a problem. Xander voted for Naseer who seemed to think that Heather voted for him and it was creating massive chaos in the game people. Heather, yeah you got caught attempting to make a move that backfired massively.

Ricard’s tale about being completely deaf in his right ear was inspiring and it was apparent he had to utilize other senses of his to compensate. He reads lips and looks at body language. It was apparent that Xander and Erika realized that Danny, DeShawn, Ricard, Liana and Shan. Erika and Xander were absolutely chatting about nabbing the others to try to make a move. Everyone was making moves, but little do they know it’s going to be a dual Tribal Council and two people are going home.

When Jeff Probst dropped the bomb on the tribe, do say they were speechless was a bit of an understatement. Why? It impacts the game massively because not 1, but 2 people would be safe from being voted out. So five vs. five and we have Erika, Shan, Ricard, Heather and Naseer on one tribe, the other was DeShawn, Danny, Xander, Evvie and Liana. People were literally dropping like flies. Erika and Naseer fighting on one tribe; DeShawn and Xander on the other tribe. Looks like Erika wins immunity and cannot be voted out. Something tells me Xander is going to win this immunity people.

So the two people that seemed like threats at the beginning of the episode are not going anywhere, so this should be a fun Tribal Council people. Xander could use his idol to save Evvie, but I’m not sure if he will do so people. Xander is a bit cocky and that is something that could hurt him long term.

It was apparent that DeShawn was wavering knowing that Evie was the only person he could vote for, but Xander was considering targeting Liana. Naseer was too blunt wanting to take out Heather and told her, which meant let’s target Naseer or Shan. It was apparent that DeShawn would easily target his allies and Danny opened his mouth which worried Xander.

Ricard really did not want Heather out, he wanted to target Naseer. Shan did NOT like that Erika and Heather are bonded, and Heather did not give her that validation that she would not be in trouble. The first Tribal Council is underway and it was apparent that Heather knew she was in trouble. Heather has been invisible for most of the season except the last two episodes and to be honest, she’s not giving me that much where I want to see her stick around. I keep forgetting about the Shot in the Dark Die. That is immunity in itself that people who think they might be at risk can play.

Could we get our first possible blindside of the season people? We got a tie people and something tells me Naseer is headed home with an idol in his pocket people. We did not need a commercial to know Naseer was headed home, but it was not a blindside that blew my socks off. Yeah, Evvie, Liana and the others were shocked to see Naseer out of the game. Xander no one cares about the stew, we care about who is about to be voted out of the game.

Everyone thinks they are comfortable, and it seems like we have another blindside is in play and I have a feeling this might be a bitter jury people. I don’t know why, but I sense that bitterness. I thought DeShawn might backstab Liana, but he stuck to his guns and sent Evvie packing. So Xander got hoodwinked people, and the war between Shan and DeShawn continues next week. Until then “Survivor 41” fanatics!