HOLLYWOOD—Is he or isn’t he? That is the question fans of “The Oval” were left with last week when Jason tried to hang himself inside his bedroom. Lucky for him, Kyle and Donald came to his rescue in a nick of time. ‘A Family Matter’ saw Victoria attempting to push Priscilla’s buttons, but once again I don’t think Victoria realizes the person she is messing around with. Priscilla apparently knows things about Victoria and her family that the First Lady might want to be careful with.

Victoria alluded that Priscilla was sleeping with her father, but the audience is well aware that is not truthful. Priscilla refused to disclose the truth, and a threat was issued yet again, but Priscilla pushed back and it shut Victoria down quicker than you can count to three. Their conversation was interrupted by Sam who revealed that something transpired with Jason. Donald had to break the news to Hunter that Jason tried to commit suicide, which prompted Hunter to show a softer side.

Victoria showed no remorse whatsoever, which prompted Hunter to flex his muscle. Donald and Kyle tried to intervene, but they couldn’t get a word in, just as Jason threatened to murder his mother. It was apparent a lot of Jason’s behavior is a direct result of what he witnessed between his father and his mother. Alonzo was forced to become Jason’s babysitter. Hunter has come to the realization that Jason needs medical treatment.

Alonzo was not pleased to watch over Jason, and it appeared Jason did not like the notion of his every move being watched. Looks like he won’t be murdered anyone else anytime soon people. Barry was taking a trip to The White House with Richard to speak to Sam. I’m over the Richard and Nancy storyline. It is good to see them reunited people, and who would have guessed weed would have been the solution. Hunter was blowing up Sharon’s phone yet again, but she refused to answer.

Hunter is getting desperate people and when he is desperate that is not good. Dale arrived at the pharmacy and alerted Kareem and Sharon that the White House Chief of Staff came to visit him at the hospital. That sent red flags rising for both Sharon and Kareem. Kyle was summoned by Hunter who was more focused on getting laid then the mental state of his son. So Hunter thinks he’s going to kidnap Sharon and Kareem, Dale, Barry and even Richard won’t put a halt to things? Oh, this is about to be exciting people.

Sam received an update from Richard and Barry that Denise was kidnapped by Kyle to see President Hunter Franklin. Sam was thrown for a loop with another surprise that he least expected. Lilly managed to get Bobby as close as possible to The White House for him to infiltrate to rescue Sam. Dale shared with Sharon that Donald had him shot. Well this is juicy: Richard and Priscilla have a level of clearance that no one else knows about. Max found himself being held in the same room that Richard, Barry and Sam just spoke in. Max released a bit of anger, which I am certain was all being recorded as it apparent he had reached his breaking point.

Allan was hoping to get updates from Alonzo on his plan to secure his safety, but Alonzo halted when he realized that the focus had to be on Jason the entire time during his shift. Jason surely and slowly started to get underneath Alonzo’s skin. Is this idiot Jason actually admitting to Alonzo that he killed someone? Yes, yes he did. He just told Alonzo that he killed Jean, his grandmother and he killed Denise. Alonzo seemed to be more focused on Jean than the others. That prompted Jason to get a bit closer to Alonzo than what he shouldn’t have and it resulted in Jason being on the verge of getting the a**whopping he deserved.

Sharon was not pleased to see Kyle enter the pharmacy even though the doors were locked. She was frightened, and Kyle tried to accost her, but she fought back furiously. So much to the point that she pulled out a gun on Kyle and was ready to fire! Oh, this is juicy, Alonzo delivers that butt kicking, Sharon is ready to fire and Richard knows Bobby. Cannot wait till next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!