HOLLYWOOD—Chaos is upon on the latest episode of “Survivor 42.” Last week’s episode was slightly slow, but ‘Game of Chicken’ was a huge episode with tons of drama to erupt. We didn’t have one Tribal Council we had two, and I felt the episode needed to be two hours to navigate all this madness. However, before we could get to the juicy chaos of the week, there was drama back at the camp between Hai and Romeo after Chanelle was booted out.

I said last week Hai is puffing his chest a bit too much and as a result he’s putting a target on his back and doesn’t even realize it. Romeo was not happy to have 3 votes placed on him, however, blowing up at everyone at camp does NOT help. Hai was NOT happy at all that he had a single vote cast against him. Hai this is “Survivor” not everyone is so lucky. Hai called out Romeo for voting for him, and Romeo lied straight to his teeth and fostered that friction to point out to others that Hai is unstable. Dangerous tactic, but the doubt is starting to cause fire people.

Rocksroy wanted to form an all guys’ alliance to secure the men last longer in the game. Jonathan, Mike and Rocksroy, were onboard, but Omar was NOT people. Hai didn’t seem too happy with the alliance either people. Interesting it seems that Rocksroy’s antics are finally rubbing off the wrong way on people. Well we’re NOT even 10 minutes into the episode and we have the Immunity Challenge, oh, this is about to be a great episode. Kula Kula members were stunned to learn that two people would be safe and two people were heading home.

It was all about balance; that dreaded water challenge that has proven to taken plenty of people out in past “Survivor” seasons people. Oh, I love this division; blue consists of Drea, Jonathan, Lindsay, Tori and Maryanne. Orange consists of Romeo, Mike, Hai, Rocksroy and Omar.

This is one of the worst challenges I have EVER SEEN! Not even 2 minutes and nearly everyone is out people. Hai won immunity for the Orange tribe, as Jonathan and Lindsay battled for Blue. Lindsay finally drops giving Jonathan immunity and the ultimate food victory for his tribe after Hai dropped people. So we have a tribe of 5 guys on 1 and one of them is going home, on the other tribe its 4 women and 1 guy? What a coincidence people right?  Romeo was really worried about being booted, but Mike and Rocksroy were voting together, and it was apparent that Omar and Hai would be voting together, meaning Romeo would be a deciding vote.

Hai didn’t want to blindside Mike, and he fought back against Hai’s desire to vote out Rocksroy which means you’re showing issues with the eight and I agree with Mike fully here. I think this is something that is about to cause the major alliance to break apart. On the other tribe, it was apparent that Tori and Maryanne are in trouble. Well, Jonathan wanted to make a huge move by forcing Drea out of the game by getting her to play her idol. Drea you SHOULD NOT have spilled that tea to people.

Maryanne was all in on the plan, and played Jonathan like a fiddle and Maryanne did NOT like it. Maryanne shared to Tori that Drea might be a target. Ok, this second Tribal Council is looking to be more exciting than the first Tribal Council if I’m being honest. Drea saw red flags with the realization that Maryanne was in trouble because of her idol. Yeah, Jonathan is playing people, as he shared the news with Lindsay, who shut down his plan about voting out Drea, but if Drea plays that idol, BOOM, Maryanne is out of the game. It became apparent that friction was building with Jonathan and Lindsay. He should NOT be talking down to people. Not good Jonathan, not good at all.

First Tribal Council with the all the guys and it’s raining people, just as Chanelle listened in on what the gentlemen argued in terms who would be targeted and who would NOT. Yeah, this first TC was a bit of a dud in my opinion. Yeah, Rocksroy got blindsided and was surprised by the move, so it was apparent Mike made a move that might bite him in the butt later people. Rocks informed Chanelle that Romeo and Hai aligned and he was not pleased, and enter the second TC where the faces were shocked by EVERYONE, especially Drea. So that means advantages will be played tonight people and the eight is over.

Maryanne was bringing up great points, and Drea was literally on edge and the issue of race came into question, and Drea made it crystal clear she is playing her idol and she is staying in the game. Wow, this is changing the dynamics people, and this TC is lit as the whispers continued throughout the game. Yes, the issue of race is blowing up massively at this tribe. Jonathan spoke up and thought that people were saying he was being racist, and Jonathan’s actions were not reading well in the room. He should have taken a moment to stop and think about what he was saying before he said it.

Ugh, this is uncomfortable to watch, but I’m glad this conversation is being had and I love to see it because it is raw emotion and Drea was in tears trying to explain herself, so was Maryanne. Lindsay explained her opinion on that decision eloquently and actually listened to what was taking place people. Well done Lindsay.

I seriously am all over the place with this vote, because it almost feels like we should NOT have a vote at this point. Both Maryanne and Drea played their idols meaning it’s either Lindsay or Tori that is heading out. Tori realized that she was in trouble, and decided to play her shot in the dark. It does indeed suck to see Tori booted in this way people, but the Shot in the Dark was not on her side and she was sent packing. This literally was the craziest, but riveting episode of “Survivor” that I have seen in a very long time people.

I know we don’t like race in reality TV, but the realization is that race exists people, even if we’d like to act as if it doesn’t. “Survivor” continues to never hide from it and I applaud them for that. So next week I will be intrigued to see what takes place next “Survivor 42” fanatics.