HOLLYWOOD─Last week was a turning point for me as a fan of the reality-competition series “Survivor,” particularly the latest season, ‘Winners at War.’ All of our old schoolers were on the Edge of Extinction, but Tyson earned his way back into the game and we got our first blindside at Tribal Council as Wendell was sent packing. With that said, it seems the game is really intensifying in terms of strategy and gameplay people.

People who have been playing slightly timid in my opinion, started to realize it was TIME to play the game in our latest episode, ‘War is Not Pretty.’ Michele and Nick were livid that they were blindsided, it was nice to see Nick show a bit of rage. This is the Nick from ‘Goliath’ that I am happy to see again. Adam was nervous, yet relieved that he’s still in the game.

Adam spotted something that was odd; it looked like an idol in the podium where Jeff stands when he reads the votes. Wow, that is what you call some great perception people, and as things stand it looks like a trio of Adam, Michele and Nick. Back to the Edge of Extinction, our survivors got a clue about history repeating itself. Danni and Parvati discovered that the clue was from season 38 where Aubry discovered an advantage. It was a 50/50 flip a coin, that allows immunity if it lands on safe at the Tribal Council.

I really love this advantage, but at the same time it’s a major and I mean major risk. Danni and Parvati revealed the advantage to everyone and thought it was best to sell the advantage to Michele who currently has the most fire tokens people. Oh, we’re getting a reward challenge? I felt like we haven’t seen one of these all season, and Denise has no shot at eating Chinese food people. It was Kim, Sophie, Sarah, Michele and Ben who edged out the victory.

Sarah was trying to earn brownie points, by giving up her reward to Nick in honor of his birthday? Ok, not sure why I really understand that, but it raised a red flag for Adam who saw her as a target people. Tony scolded Sarah for her move, but at the same time she can argue all she wants it was not game, but we know it was people. After a bit of trepidation, Michele took a leap of faith and traded her 4 fire tokens for the 50/50 safety flip.

This time the immunity challenge solidified that only ONE person would be safe, and it was all about balance people. This was a battle as Kim, Sophie, Sarah, Nick, Adam and Ben went to the top of the pedestal, but in a matter of seconds everyone was out except Kim and Ben. For the love of God, would someone tell Jeff to shut the hell up during the Immunity Challenges people! It is so distracting to the players. Kim won immunity and it was nice to see her back in the game. Tony wanted to place the target on the hyenas to protect the lions. Now the chaos begins, as the main majority wanted to target Nick and Michele. Little did they know that Michele has a bit of power, just as Nick wanted to go to war to target Sarah; Kim did not like losing Sarah, so Tyson changed things to target Adam. Sarah was NOT happy to see that her name was up of elimination courtesy of Adam; how can I best say it: everyone was in danger, but Kim.

Sarah, your ego is a bit large, you won the game, but you are NOT an icon darling, so sit down. Ben was not happy to hear his name thrown out, and he got livid. OMG, why are people acting like none of them can be targets, this is winners at war. It was literally utter chaos as names were being tossed left and right. This is the first time this entire season I can say I have NO IDEA who might be booted tonight.

Finally, a Tribal Council where strategy and gameplay came front-and-center, Nick called people out on their antics, as whispers transpired behind the scenes, as Adam realized he might be targeted. This whispering at TC is frustrating as hell, because it is hard for the audience to perceive what is going on. This argument between Ben and Adam, while everyone just whispered behind the scenes just made this game frustrating as hell.

The level of paranoia is extreme and I’m so speechless right now. Adam continued to look at that symbol, but it made me wonder if he would take the shot for the token to see if it was an idol and it was absolutely nothing, but you have to give Adam credit for going for it. It was so obvious that Adam was getting the boot, when you look back at the game and he was sent to the Edge, and bequeathed his fire token to Denise.

If fans thought this week was explosive, next week looks like Sophie, Sarah and Jeremy could all be targets. I’m seriously hoping for an epic blindside or some idols and advantage being played. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!