SAN FRANCISCO—At 10:57 p.m., on January 7, officers with the San Francisco Police Department responded to a report of a shooting, as noted on the Citizen app and quickly detained a suspect.

At 11:01 p.m., police requested medics to assist the victim who died as a result of the shooting. Less than one minute later, it was confirmed that the suspect had been detained.

SFPD Tweet on Tenderloin Homicide, January 7, 2021.

Additional police units arrived, blocking traffic at nearby intersections. At 11:12 p.m., officers found at least one bullet casing nearby.

Videos show what appears to be a body bag, an indication of a homicide. Homicide detectives are involved in an ongoing investigation.

Crime Scene. Photo courtesy of Citizen App Uploader.

Considered the “first homicide” of 2021 in San Francisco, Twitter users criticized local officials, holding them accountable for the uptick in crime, particularly burglary.

Aditya Bhavnani said, “Make it end @LondonBreed @chesaboudin. You [are] utterly failing your constituents.”

Other crimes of the New Year include a non-fatal shooting on 295 Rey Street in Visitacion Valley, reported a 3:15 a.m. just four hours after the incident in the Tenderloin. The victim was a man and the suspect was reported to have been driving a silver Infiniti car heading northbound on Garrison Avenue.

Three days before these incidents, on January 4, at approximately 11:25 p.m., a 26-year-old was shot on the 1700 block of Ellis Street, and reportedly suffered from non-fatal injuries at a local hospital.

The suspects, 24-year-old Donald A. Scobie and 21-year-old Jazlyn Possie, were driving a blue sedan and were pursued by the police, running multiple red lights and driving far above the posted speed limit, according to an SFPD press release.

After colliding with two cars at Polk and Hayes Streets, the suspects were arrested and booked at county jail on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, conspiracy, multiple firearms charges, multiple vehicle code violations and probation violation.

Firearm located in the blue sedan of attempted murder suspects, January 4, 2020.

During a subsequent search of the suspect vehicle officers located a loaded firearm. A photo of the firearm accompanied a SFPD news release, dated January 6, 2021.

In 2020, according to the SFPD Crime Dashboard, there were 204 rapes, 2,390 robberies, 2,164 assault, 23 human trafficking sex acts, 7,431 burglaries, 6,011 motor vehicle thefts, 319 arsons, and 25,275 larceny thefts.

SFPD Crime Dash Board Stats, 2020.

Rapes, robberies, assaults, and human trafficking acts were down significantly compared to the prior year, 2019. Rapes were down 48.5 percent compared to the prior year (204 compared to 396). Robberies were down 22.9 percent (2,390 compared to 3,099) and larceny thefts were down 39.9 percent (25,272 compared to 42,022). The number of assaults in 2020 were 15 percent lower compared to the previous year (2,164 compared to 2,547). Human trafficking sex acts, which were small in number, were down 54.9 percent (23 compared to 51).

Crimes including burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, and arson have seen significant increases in 2020. Burglaries have seen a 49.8 percent increase, numbering at 7,431 compared to 4,961 in the previous year. Burglaries include home invasions, which has surprised observers in neighborhoods associated with safety such as the Sunset region. Motor vehicle thefts saw a 35.3 percent increase, numbering 6,011 in 2020 compared to 4,442 in the previous year. Arsons saw a 40.5 percent increase from 227 to 319.

Tweet concerning a home invasion/burglary near Taraval Station in the Sunset neighborhood.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the SFPD tip line at (415) 575-4444. Tipsters can remain anonymous.