NEW YORK—Fox News Meteorologist, Adam Klotz, 37, was assaulted by a group of teenagers on a New York subway headed to Chelsea on Sunday, January 22, at around 1:15 a.m. 

According to Klotz, he was headed home after a Giants game when he witnessed a group of kids attempting to light an elderly man’s hair on fire with a joint they lit up on the subway. He intervened and that is when the attack began. Klotz moved to another subway car after he was first punched, but the group followed him. He was kicked and punched over his face and body over the course of several stops.

The suspects reportedly encouraged each other to beat Klotz by shouting “put him [Klotz] to sleep.”  

“And my goal at that point — it’s just like, cover my head, because once you’re unconscious, who knows what’s going to happen?” said Klotz to Tucker Carlson in an interview. “And I was able to avoid that, but I got kicked up and down the side, kind of stomped on. They got their licks in for sure.”

Klotz was severely beaten and required hospitalization at Bellevue for the attack. “My side is worse than my face,” he said. He has two swollen black eyes from the attack and his torso is severely bruised as well.

“I think it’s wild,” Klotz told his colleges in an interview with Fox News. “I went to the hospital and I’m probably going to pay some sort of deductible. It’s going to cost me money and I’m all beat up. This isn’t going to cost anyone else a dollar. The people who did it they are not going to go to jail.” He stated many onlookers were reluctant to get involved during the incident.

The New York Police Department released a description of the assailant that got away. The suspect is said to be young and was wearing a black jacket with a light sweater. He is still at large. 

Two other suspects, who are 15 and 17 years old, were apprehended shortly after the attack transpired. They were released to their parents and there were no charges due to their age. 

Anyone who has information on the incident is asked to contact the NYPD at 800-577-TIPS.