HOLLYWOOD—The tension continues to build on “The Oval” as secrets come to light. This week’s episode, ‘Back Off’ picked up where ended last week with Priscilla catching Sam and Victoria in another compromising position. At long last, Sam started to realize that Victoria Franklin is pure evil. Priscilla made it clear to Sam she’s not messing around, as Victoria did her best to ‘scare’ Sam.

The First Lady was taken aback when Sam made it clear he will request a transfer if needed and this lady didn’t like hearing that at all. You’re losing your power grip. Sam didn’t like Priscilla pointing out that another guy was giving her attention. Yeah, this marriage is not being repaired anytime soon.

Dale and Sharon found themselves having a conversation with a member of that cult who presumed he knew Dale from a supermarket in Virginia. Dale was taken aback by the guy’s blunt questions. Addressing that cult raised flags for Sharon and Dale, as he was shut down. This scene was just hilarious people. Hmm, I’m starting to wonder if this cult was responsible for murdering Barry and planting the evidence at Kareem’s home.

Allan and Jason shared beers and questions about Jason’s plan of action came to light, and the unstable one became more unstable. Allan confessed that Priscilla came to his aide once and he wanted to return the favor. Bobby found himself being charmed yet again by Priscilla who wanted him to take her to dinner, just as Sam witnessed the incident. He was not pleased and warned Bobby to steer clear of his wife, and Bobby’s past came to light. Uh-oh, could we have allies become enemies here people!

Intriguing to say the least, as Max realized the tension between Sam and Bobby. Kareem returned home and called a friend to help him get rid of Barry’s body. Kyle’s flunky was hovering over Sam and it caused him to pick up on the fact that someone was up to no good. Sam clued his Intel on where Jason could be located and it looks like the kid might be found sooner, just as Sam is looking to place a beat down on Bobby if he meets up with Priscilla.

Lily decided to finally visit the hospital and got questioned by the doctor about her wound, and the doctor explained that it was not a knife wound and she found herself questioned by police about the injury to her arm and she stayed mum.

Bobby was really going to go on a date with Priscilla even though Sam warned him not to. Max is the wise one people, Bobby is just an idiot. Simone was ready to entertain Eli by utilizing a bit of lingerie to seduce her husband, but he turned her down. She rubbed her hubby wrong with her comments, and it was apparent his wife was sensing something was off.  Victoria is worried about Simone, and the fact that these two are indulging in sexual escapades when people could easily catch them is just baffling.

Kareem’s cousin Antonio came to his aide as he explained someone is trying to set him up for murder. His cousin didn’t believe the tale, until he showed him the evidence. When Kareem was told he needed to cut up Barry, he refused to do such. Lily was scared sick at the thought of being detained, as the authorities asked questions about her situation, and the realization it was a gunshot wound as she might have to expose the truth.

Next week looks more intriguing, as Sharon gets a call from ‘Barry,’ Priscilla makes the moves on Bobby and Hunter strikes a nerve with Victoria about Eli. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!