HOLLYWOOD—I called bad writing at the end of last week’s episode of “The Oval” and I’m going to stick to it, with the Alonzo coming to the pharmacy picking up drugs and then arresting Dale for selling drugs. C’mon make it make sense people. This week’s episode, ‘The Point of No Return’ kicked off just as ridiculous as last week’s episode ended. Alonzo pointing a gun at Dale, forcing him to count to 100, while he stole the drugs, like what the hell am I watching right now?

Richard clued Priscilla in on what transpired with Nancy being drugged while visiting that cult compound. Nancy continued to blurt out her suspicions that Barry is dead as Priscilla realized her pal was still high as a kite. Richard aired his grievances to Sam who was frustrated he couldn’t do more without leading to a bloodbath at the compound. Richard has every right to seek vengeance and I’m looking forward to it.

Allan schooled Alonzo on which ‘drug’ to give to Hunter to get him that high, while Allan was secretly plotting a move to cause Hunter to overdose. Talk about seeking revenge in the worst possible way, it looks like Allan might get the actual last laugh people. Bobby threw a fit and got caught by Eli who heard Bobby’s sexual frustration, which Kyle relished in witnessing. Indeed a hilarious moment that I needed.

Victoria being Victoria traded barbs with Allan and Kyle as she realized Kyle had information to share. That information pertained to Jason’s whereabouts, and she gave him authorization, but demanded she speak to Donald face-to-face. This infighting between Victoria and Hunter is exhausting. Hunter got his drugs courtesy of Alonzo, but I don’t think he realizes his latest high might be his last people.

Back at Eli’s compound, Bobby and Max commiserated yet again about bad decisions being made, just as Simone confronted her husband about the tension in their marriage. Yeah Eli, you’re in the doghouse and I’m not sure it will be that easy for you to get out with your sloppy ways. He made things worse by confronting Simone about contacting Victoria and an argument ensued. Eli you were making headway, but you took several steps back. Simone called Eli naïve which took him aback, considering his wife has no idea exactly what the hell he is up to behind her back. Things are about to boil over and I’m afraid what might unfold.

Donald returned home and found an exhausted Lilly who was not in the mood to be entertained. She called Donald out on destroying yet another life, and called her husband out on hiding his sexuality. Donald is indeed still hiding and if Lilly wanted to expose him dropping that secret will change it all. Kyle informed Donald that David (Sam’s muscle) is a dangerous foe, and he wanted approval to strike. Kyle seems scared and I like that, just as Officer Heller called Lilly and informed her that he plans to strike where things really hurt. Lilly was worried about Brian stopping by her home and it looks like fireworks are about to erupt people.

Hmm, it feels like a bit of foreshadowing here people. Could Tyler Perry be teasing that Donald’s demise is upon him. Kareem was doing his best to keep Sharon quiet as she screamed for assistance. Kareem holding a person against their will is a crime; you are making the situation worse by the minute. Sharon was an emotional mess, but was willing to say any and everything possible to ensure her escape. Smart woman people, as a scuffle erupted and Sharon defended herself by whacking Kareem with a bat and knocking him unconscious. Is he dead?

We don’t know, but with only 1 episode left before the season finale, next week’s penultimate episode looks like a thrill-a-minute and I don’t want to spoil a single thing. Cannot wait till next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!