HOLLYWOOD—I knew something was off with Thomas Forrester when he returned to Los Angeles on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” However, Thomas has turned into a full-blow sociopath and murderer America. The things he has done to make Hope Logan his own is beyond disturbing, it’s creepy as hell. First, Thomas spiraled and ran Emma Barber off the road causing her death. Then he turned to severing ties between Liam and Hope, by drugging Liam’s drink, leading to a hookup with Steffy. Liam doesn’t fully know what transpired, but he knows he wasn’t himself that day.

On top of that, Thomas then had Douglas ‘propose’ to Hope hoping she would marry Thomas. What this guy is doing to his son in his quest to get Hope to spend the rest of her life with him is just bonkers crazy. How in the hell can Ridge and Steffy not see what Liam and Brooke see: Thomas is indeed off! Ridge seems to think Thomas and Hope belong together. Denial is one hell of a drug, but Liam and Brooke are NOT buying it one single bit. So much to the point they are willing to do anything to prevent this wedding from taking place.

Hope is in mourning, she is still grieving a daughter that is very much alive, she found out Liam slept with her enemy Steffy and she has Thomas playing all sorts of mind games with her. After a bit of trepidation, Hope ultimately accepted Thomas’ proposal, but appeared scared as hell, when Thomas thought they were going to consummate things after he placed that ring on her finger. Thomas please grab a clue HOPE DOES NOT LOVE YOU! The proposal ignited a firestorm for Brooke who knows this proposal is a major mistake. It’s only causing more friction between Ridge and Hope, and when the truth about all of Thomas shenanigans and those to come to light, I don’t know if this marriage will be able to last.

In other news, someone has a heart for Emma, and that is her former flame Xander, who knows in his gut that Thomas caused Emma’s death. He got footage to prove Thomas chased after Emma and confronted the threat with his Intel. Hmm, could we see another death looming in the near future and could Xander be the target. It sure is looking that way. This could ignite more mayhem because Xander is an Avant, which ties him to Maya and her family. We haven’t seen much of the Avant clan lately, but if Xander because a fixation for Thomas who doesn’t want his plans to explode, it will impact all.

This is vital because Wyatt invited Flo to come live with him, just as Shauna decided to vacate town because of the secret involving Beth. Shauna you can run, but you can’t hide. Wyatt was livid about Sally keeping a minor secret, I can only imagine what he does when he learned what Flo did and kept it from Hope for months. Oh, this is going to be juicy good when it comes out America. I’m sorry I cannot wait for Flo, Zoe, Thomas, Shauna and Reese to get their comeuppance about this baby bombshell.

I’m being as patient as I can, but I don’t recall me wanting to see a secret revealed as much as this one in the soap arena. It’s not just that it’s dragging, it’s the ramifications of the reveal when it comes to storytelling; there is SO MUCH chaos that can unfold and I’m dying to see it come to fruition. My only question at this point is who else will learn this massive secret before the truth finally comes out?

We know more people will learn it and apparently more deaths could be on the table. Killing minor characters is one thing, but killing a major player that is a game-changer to say the least. The question we all have is rather the writers are willing to take that gamble? Come on “The Bold and the Beautiful” because you’re known for epic reveals and bombshells don’t disappoint here either, with an explosive death.