HOLLYWOOD—Just when the audience thinks things are moving in the right direction for Liam and Hope, there is a curveball. The one great thing I can argue is that “The Bold and the Beautiful” certainly knows how to take a complicated love triangle and make it even more complicated. How so? At first Steffy was the thorn in Liam and Hope’s relationship that has now shifted to Thomas Forrester.

Look, I don’t even recall Thomas and Hope being an item so it must have been brief and quite fleeting to say the least. Anyway, he is attracted to Hope; he sees her bond with Douglas and they are both grieving the loss of someone important. This is vital because Thomas is planning to utilize that against Hope and Liam to break them up.

Yes, Thomas Forrester has returned to the foray more determined than ever to make Hope his and to break-up her marriage with Liam. It’s problematic because Thomas shared all these juicy details with Sally of all people. You might ask why this is important. Thomas and Sally were once in love and an actual super couple at once, but that was blown to bits with the return of Caroline Spencer and her deception thanks to Bill Spencer. Caroline is out of the picture permanently, so Thomas is on the prowl America.

This new storyline direction has me frustrated. Why? I feel like Sally Spectra is about to be left out in the cold yet again because she is always left in the dust while everyone else moves on. Wyatt is getting comfy with Flo, and they even shared a kiss yet again. What does this mean? It looks like the writers might be looking to pair Wyatt and Flo together, which means a complicated love affair between Liam, Hope, Sally and Thomas.

I was going to throw Steffy into that mix, but I really don’t want to see Steffy and Liam reunited. That ship has sailed and the writers seriously have to take things in a new direction or else I’m going to check out. The Liam, Hope, Steffy love triangle has been going on for years. The unfortunate side effect is that no one has any idea what Thomas is doing, but Sally, and she isn’t going to stay quiet with this information because secrets tend to have a way of surfacing in the soap world, especially when you least expect them.

This brings us back to the entire drama following Hope, Liam, Flo, Zoe, Steffy, Shauna and baby Phoebe. I was hoping with Shauna learning the truth, she would be able to convince her daughter to blow the secret out of the water, but nope. Why? Cause Shauna agrees with Zoe that Flo should keep her mouth shut about her role in making her cousin think her daughter died, when her nemesis is raising her child as the daughter she adopted.

Yes, this is twisted and crazy as hell, and its dragging far too long for my liking. I mean May sweeps are underway! I really want to see this bomb dropped. Why? The aftermath of the truth coming out will be so much juicy TV it’s worth the reveal now than later. Let’s play Devil’s advocate for a second, let’s say Thomas and Hope gets together and Flo and Wyatt reunites, then the truth about Beth comes to light. I have a sense that Sally will be the person to reveal the truth why?

It will be justice for Flo making a move on Wyatt; it will place a dagger in Quinn and Shauna’s plans to have Flo and Wyatt happily-ever after. Not to mention she will be seen as Hope and Liam’s savior, while also exposing Zoe who framed her in the past for a misdeed she never committed. How can I say this? It will make Sally Spectra a power player, and forgive me for being honest this woman is a fun character. With sweeps upon us, “B&B” is going to have to give audiences something juicy because there is not much transpiring beyond the Phoebe/Beth secret. If anything, I’m hoping another party gets clued in on the secret and something dramatic transpires.

The only other thing worth discussing is the possible reunion between Katie and Bill for the third time, yes, you heard me say it, the third time. Watching Bill propose marriage to Katie was the most laughable thing I’ve seen in ages; I mean they aren’t even dating. Katie shut him down, but after talking with Donna and Brooke, she decided to reconsider Bill’s offer. Too bad Bill was drowning his sorrows with Shauna, and I sense Shauna will be sticking around far longer than what viewers may have expected, and I like the addition of Shauna and Flo to the Forrester, Logan and Spencer hierarchies.

Flo may have just found her family, but when this secret drops it’ll be an earthquake that changes the Logan, Forrester and Spencer clan for years to come. Can you imagine Steffy learning her new daughter belongs to Hope? Imagine Bill’s wrath when he learns what Shauna, Flo and Zoe did to his son? Brooke will be a mother on a warpath and the emotional reunion between Hope and Beth will be the thing that could catapult Annika Noelle to a Daytime Emmy nomination.