SAN FRANCISCO–A three-alarm fire blazed through a three-story, four unit house on Friday, October 16, in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District.

The call was first reported at 1:55 p.m., at 425 Second Avenue and Geary Street. Firefighters arrived on the scene and saw that the fire was erupting from all three floors.

Firefighters were able to remove several tenants swiftly, without any complications or significant injuries. Two people were said to have been displaced from the fire according to firefighter officials.

The fire escalated approximately seven minutes after the initial call, causing firefighters to escalate the fire to a two-alarm fire. Firefighters called for a third alarm at 2:07 p.m., nearly 10 minutes after the initial call.

Neighbors witnessing the incident reported that there had been a loud explosion before large flames arose from the building. Thick black smoke could be spotted from miles away, lingering in the air.

The building was saved on one side, but flames spread quickly on the other side, which destroyed the exterior edges and the remaining half of the building.

The property is a victorian residential building, broken up into four apartment units. According to the San Francisco Fire Department, the top units were completely destroyed.

Officials are still investigating the exact cause of the fire.