UNITED STATES—Getting car insurance is not something you can choose to do: this is a kind of insurance that every car or motorcycle driver should have. But there are so many different types of those that it becomes hard to find a difference between those and decide which one you should choose. This article is going to review all those different kinds of insurances to help you pick the right one, so read more details on this page now to make the right choice!

6 Most Common Types of Car Insurance

So, you are choosing car insurance. Which one should you get? It can be extremely easy to get lost in such a big variety of options. Let’s take a look at six most popular car insurance plans and what they can cover here:

  1. Collision insurance. If there has been an accident on the road and your car was damaged or broken, collision insurance would cover all the expenses for the repair and even replacement.
  2. Comprehensive insurance. It is similar to collision insurance since it offers coverage if the accident involved another car. Comprehensive insurance can also cover accidents that happened due to weather, animals, vandalism and other damage that was not necessarily caused by another vehicle.
  3. Commercial auto insurance. This one works for those cases when personal auto insurance does not offer coverage. Such type of insurance covers vehicles for commercial purposes, such as company cars, food trucks, vans, as well as many others. It basically works for those vehicles that are used for work and provided to you by a company.
  4. Medical payments coverage. If someone from your family or you are hurt in a car accident, such type of coverage will be able to help you pay for the cost of different surgeries as well as medication.
  5. Rental reimbursement coverage. If your car is in repair and you don’t have a vehicle to drive to work or for other purposes, this kind of coverage will provide you with an opportunity to rent a car or pay for public transportation while you are unable to use your own auto.
  6. Personal injury protection insurance. This one is understandable from its name: if there has been an accident where two cars were involved, you will be reimbursed for some medical expenses. Keep in mind that often insurance companies don’t offer full coverage when it comes to personal injuries.

Think Wisely Before Making a Purchase

Getting a car insurance plan is a decision that cannot be made right away. You should think wisely before deciding on something, especially when it comes to your personal safety. All these types of car insurance plans can be a good fit for different lifestyles and budgets, so first determine how much many you are can spend on car insurance as well as what kind of a driver you are. This way, you will know exactly what works best for you.