HOLLYWOOD—So the truth about Ashland Locke continues to come out on “The Young and the Restless.” We learned that his real name is Bobby DeFranco, he took the identity of a friend of his who was killed in a car accident and assumed his life. It was a win-win for Ashland, who landed a big time internship and was able to purchase two expensive news stations at a very early age. Victoria was stunned yet again with the secret that Ashland kept from her, while Nick seemed proud of himself for the exposure.

However, Nick did not expect the backlash, Victoria was livid. So much to the point that she uninvited him to the wedding! Yup, Nick is out of Vicky’s wedding, and he is feeling the heat. I don’t think Victoria has ever been that angry at her brother. So far ONLY Nick, Victoria and Victor know about Ashland’s true identity and it doesn’t seem like it will spread anytime soon.

Ashland dropped more tea to Nick hinting that he may have purchased those news stations with stolen money, just as Amanda clued Billy on a way to find out what happened to that will where Ashland Locke invested all his money. Right now I am annoyed to the core with Billy Abbott. His desire to expose Ashland Locke, while his ex has moved on is just annoying. Dude, do you not have anything to do?

Focus on your business buddy, gosh, I was even happy to see Nikki Newman tried to put her former son-in-law in his place because he’s doing too much and it just comes across as desperate. You’re with Lily, but it appears you haven’t gotten over with your ex or you’re just jealous of her new relationship. Victor was an ally in Ashland’s corner who made his blackmailer disappear, which points to signs that Victor already knows all about Ashland’s past and is keeping mum to protect his daughter.

Sharon and Tessa are doing all in their power to help Mariah who wants to have a baby with Tessa. Tessa is not for it and revealed to Sharon, which betrayed Mariah’s trust and she was not happy. Baby Dominic is becoming a handful for Abby who is struggling to soothe the crying baby. In comes Devon, to save the day. Devon is bonding with the child, and Abby even reached out to Mariah so it’s apparent that Dominic’s biological parents are about to build an even stronger bond with the child that will be difficult to break America.

Phyllis and Jack continue to dance around where they ‘stand’ and it is SO APPARENT that both are reflecting on their past and the writers are pushing a Phyllis cheats yet again this time breaking Nick’s heart to reunite with her one true love Jack Abbott. I’ve always teased that Jack and Phyllis belong together, just like Nick and Sharon belong together. We might get Jack and Phyllis a lot sooner than expected, not sure about the other pairing.

Adam has continued to distance himself from Sally, but she still is in his orbit as she works behind the scenes to design a wedding dress that blows the socks of Victoria. It is worth noting Victoria is not happy with the dress Lauren and her seamstress crafted so this is the opening Sally needs to make her move to prove herself as a designer and I think she will get that victory people. Sally might get the victory she has been angling for even if everyone else is upset at the person who made Victoria happy, but this wedding is like to explode?

Ashland told Victoria he conned Camilla out of her will. She wanted to donate her money to charities and leave Ashland empty handed. So he conspired with Jessie Gaines to craft a new letter giving him all of Camilla’s fortune. Yup, Ashland is a crook, just as Billy and Nick noted, and now Victoria is in a dicey situation. If she marries Locke it looks bad for the merger with Newman Enterprises.

The public perception could be dicey and if she walks away from marrying Locke, it proves to Victoria that everyone was right about the guy that is not something she wants so the decision she makes will scream wonders. With Adam and Victor working behind the scenes to stop Billy from exposing the truth, there is not telling how things will culminate.