SAN FRANCISCO—According to the South San Francisco Police Department, two drivers were arrested for Driving Under the Influence at a Driver’s License checkpoint on Saturday, August 15.

One driver had three times more blood-alcohol limit than the legal limit, and the other one driver was apprehended for a pending arrest warrant. Six drivers were issued citations for holding a suspended driver’s license, and another 11 drivers were issued citations for driving without a driver’s license.

The DUI checkpoint was located on Westborough Boulevard at West Orange Avenue, based on the frequency of accidents and DUI arrests. The South San Francisco Police Department explains, “The primary purpose of checkpoints is not to make arrests, but to promote public safety by deterring drivers from driving impaired. Even during COVID shelter-in-place restrictions, impaired driving remains a top traffic safety concern.”

There would be additional DUI and Driver License checkpoints from later this year to protect citizens from accidents in South San Francisco. According to the South San Francisco Police Department, based on studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and the California Office of Traffic Safety (OATS), setting up publicized and highly visible DUI Checkpoints is able to reduce 20 percent or more impaired fatal car accidents.