Uber Driver Loses License After Hitting Bicyclist

An Uber driver arrested for allegedly hitting a bicyclist on purpose loses his driver license

SAN FRANCISCO—An Uber driver who was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon handed over his license in court on Thursday, April 23.

The Uber driver, Emerson Decarvalho, was arrested on Sunday in Fisherman’s Warf neighborhood at the intersection of North Point and Taylor for hitting a bicyclist.

Police reported that while the Uber driver was in his black-four door Toyota Camry, a bicyclist rode up to the car and started to yell at the driver then he pounded the window and pushed the side mirror in. When the bicyclist peddled off, Decarvalho sped up the car and allegedly hit the bicyclist on purpuse.

As a result of being hit, the bicyclist was thrown on the ground and suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs and a broken collar bone. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where his injures were determined not life threatening.

The Uber driver was arrested at the scene and was booked at San Francisco County Jail. He was later released after posting $75,000 bail and was scheduled to appear in court for a bail hearing on Thursday at 12 p.m.

At Decarvalho’s bail hearing, San Francisco Superior Judge Daniel Flores gave him an option to either pay $250,000 or surrender his driver license and agree not drive any motorized vehicles.

Decarvalho chose to surrender his driver license during the hearing.