SAN FRANCISCO — On Thursday, January 21, the University of California Regents unanimously voted to back expansion plans by the University of California San Francisco’s (UCSF) Parnassus Heights campus.

On the university’s website, Chancellor Sam Hawgood said the vote “cleared the way. . .to modernize our Parnassus Heights campus” and will “ensure” its “ability to continue driving innovation in care delivery, health sciences research and education — for San Francisco and beyond — for many decades to come.”

The Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan (CPHP), as UCSF calls it, is a vision that the university says will enhance its “research, education, and care delivery and contributes to the vibrancy of the neighborhood and the broader community,” which was stated in an October 2019 news release.

The vote comes more than two weeks after UCSF and SF reached a deal regarding the university’s expansion plans after city officials raised concerns that UCSF will move on without them having a chance to weigh in.

SF Mayor London Breed said in a January 4 tweet that the “highlights” of CPHP include:

  1. “1,263 new homes” for employees of UCSF.
  2. 30 percent “local hire targets for both construction and permanent entry level jobs.”
  3. “$20 million in transportation improvements.”
  4. 40 percent of “new and existing UCSF housing (about 1,000 homes) will be affordable units.”
  5. The Medical Center’s capacity will rise by 42 percent as well as “200 in-patient beds.”

The CPHP also has plans to renovate Moffitt Hospital, located at UCSF, and hope to have it completed by 2030.