Vin Scully To Return For 2013

Vin Scully. Photo courtesy of Official Vin Scully.

LOS ANGELES—The 2013 Los Angeles Dodgers will sound a lot like the 1949-2012 Los Angeles Dodgers. That is because Vin Scully has agreed to return to the organization for his 64th season.

Scully said:
“They want to win and they want to win now, so I want to hold on with two hands and see how far they’re going to take this ballclub.”

Scully, being a true fan, is excited about the Dodgers’ recent roster additions, and doesn’t want to miss out on any big things to come.

Like in recent years, the 84-year old Scully will only do Dodger games in California and Arizona, except for a trip to Yankee Stadium next June, which Scully wants do.

This is great news for not only Los Angeles Dodgers fans, but baseball fans everywhere. Vin Scully, a Hall of Famer, belongs in the booth.