BEVERLY HILLS—Hi, everyone! My name is “Cruze”, and I’m a ‘head turner’, if I must say so myself. I’m a little boy that was born around October 2012. I’m probably a Papillion mix, because I have those pretty butterfly-like, fringed ears that Papillion’s have. My body is longish, so I could be part Doxie, or part Spaniel – but who knows, or who cares?

I love everyone – other dogs, children, and all people. I’ve never been with cats, but I can’t see a problem, because I’m a lover, not a fighter!

I keep everyone entertained with my antics. One in particular is when I run around in circles trying to catch my tail. And, yes, I do catch it! Then I hang on to it and keep running until I get all tuckered out. Everyone laughs and laughs and says how cute I am! You wouldn’t have to watch television with me to entertain you!

I’m a happy and smart little boy that would love to have someone that could spend a lot of time with me and shower me with love, which I promise to give back to you in return. If you’d like to see what my whole body looks like, and all of my doggy and kitty friends that are here, I hope that you will check the website, which is: I’d love to show you my ‘chase the tail’ routine! So, won’t you please call to see me?


By Vi Logan