BEVERLY HILLS—We’re “Patty” and “Rosey,” and we’re waiting for that special someone to make us part of their family.  We’re sisters, and I’m “Patty,” the one on the left.  You can tell us apart because I have a white patch on my chest.  So, just remember, “Patty” with the patch.

We would love to be adopted together, but, if necessary, we can be separated.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to have the two of us?  That way, when you are gone during the day we would be together to keep each other company. And, can’t you just see heads turn when they see you walking down the street with both of us?

We were abandoned when we were very young, and we’re still young – just a little over a year old. We tend to be a little shy when we meet someone for the first time. So, please don’t let that turn you off.  It takes us a little time to get acquainted. I bet if you look into our amber colored eyes you will be able to tell how much love we have to give. So, won’t you give us a chance – please?

 We’re what you would call medium size, so if you want a smaller or bigger or older dog, or if you would rather have a kitty cat, we have no objection to that. You can see all of us if you check the website at: Then if you have any questions, or, hopefully, you would like to make an appointment to see us, we’ll be waiting for your call and looking forward to meeting you!!


by Vi Logan