SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, April 29, 2024, the SF District Attorney’s Office disclosed that a conviction was secured against a man involved in a felony hit-and-run.

Will Thomas, 59, was convicted after a trial by jury for gravely injuring a woman he struck at the intersection of O’Farrell and St. Joseph Streets. He was convicted of one count of felony hit and run with injury (VC 20001(a)). The jury found true allegations that the victim was especially vulnerable, and the strike involved great violence, great bodily injury or a high degree of viciousness or callousness.

According to evidence and other testimony presented at trial on October 4, 2023, at approximately 5:46 a.m. The defendant pulled out of a driveway and began driving east on O’Farrell Street. At approximately 5:47 a.m. he struck the victim in the middle of the crosswalk at the intersection of O’Farrell and St. Joseph Streets and fled the scene. The victim was a 65-year-old woman on her way to work when the incident transpired. Paramedics rushed the victim to a local emergency room for life saving care where she sustained brain bleeds and rib fractures.

“The victim was initially left in a coma as a result of this incident and has had an arduous recovery process,” said Assistant District Attorney Samantha Adhikari. “Despite that, she has made progress as a result of her and her family’s resilience. I hope this verdict provides them with some solace and strength as she continues to recover. I am grateful to the jury for providing justice to the victim, family, and the community at large.”

Thomas was remanded into custody when the verdict was read and faces up to three years in state prison for his crimes. His sentencing is scheduled for May 13, 2024.